Tuesday, May 8, 2007

But crime is down...

More than 250,000 fugitives - including hundreds of suspected murderers and rapists - have managed to escape justice in New York and are still on the lam, the Daily News has learned.

Short arm of the law

The rogues' gallery includes 812 suspected killers, 537 accused rapists, more than 60,000 suspected drug offenders, 10,000 johns and nearly 11,000 people who skipped out on drunken-driving charges, The News found.


Taxpayer said...

It probably seemed rude for the Daily News' reporter (Joe Mahoney) to inquire as to the number of illegal aliens included in the 250,000 fugitives.

My rude bet is that the number is far more than half.

Anybody else feel rude?

Anonymous said...

Good point. Afer watching former CIA director Tennant talk about rumors of all kinds of nasty guys out there, it does give us a pause to speculate.

Ah but with no borders, such marvelous opportunities to tweed!

Just hope that when (not if) one of them acts up, you can be away at your summer home or on some taxpayer financed junket.

Anonymous said...

Could any of these "perps" be hiding out in one of those numerous illegally converted basement warrens which are scattered throughout Queens way below the Radar?