Thursday, January 4, 2007

Let The Truth Be Told

The Queens Chronicle gets kudos from Queens Crap for shedding light on the affordable housing myth created by the mayor, the city council and developers:

Affordable Housing Rules Bypass Borough: Experts

"In New York (City), we’re seeing a government policy that will spread the wealth among the people who need it the most. But in Queens, that same policy is just going to spread development."


Anonymous said...

Affordable housing is a big joke: if the city really cares tell the thousands of people about to be displaced in Stuyvesant Town.

The can only build a few handful of buildings each year that are 'affordable' (that is for those making $100,000 a year.)

It is cynical way to buy support from the public for the massive boom for rich housing and dormatories for workers (which are the only two types of housing that is going up)

Anonymous said...

If they care about 'affordable housing' why don't they make 'housing affordable,' that is, bring in good paying jobs and/or lower taxes so that people have more income for housing.

Both these steps can potentially help millions (as opposed to a few thousand (if) for 'affordable housing.'

verdi said...
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Anonymous said...

And who's going to wipe the butts of those living in these newly constructed 900K+ Mc Mansions? The newly arrived working under-class that nobody cares about, who are forced by their poverty, to live 20+ in a single room infested with bed bugs, roaches and vermin. Try getting a decent night's rest, sleeping on your meager belongings so that they're not stolen. Then, in the morning, you hope that some contractor gives you a dirty or dangerous day-job! At the end of your day, it's back to your sleeping barracks, the new "flop-houses" which are already being called "Mexican Mansions"! Who's kidding who with the notion of affordable housing in this borough?