Thursday, January 4, 2007

Flushing Fiasco

Verdi writes:

This group of "dwellings" is located on the Southeast corner of Crocheron Avenue & 165th Street in East Flushing. It's hard to tell, at this stage of construction, how many units are included in this architectural atrocity! These new houses replaced 2 modest ranch style houses from the mid 1950s, on a lush (former) rolling green-lawned hill with one breathtaking Silver Maple tree that arched its spreading crown over the corner of the property. Now, this is what we've got! Is this progress?


Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m. Not a tree or blade of grass in sight! I guess that the only "green" that we're going to see will be in this greedy developer's bank account! Hey, Mayor Mike, is this the kind of "greening of New York" that you were talking about at the Queens Museum last month? And how about you, Borough President Marshal? Do you go along with this kind of overdevelopment that destroys the leafy-green character of Queens? We've never really heard you say a bad word about a developer yet! Tell us , do you even have anything to say?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone from the press invite a politician to stand in front of these buildings and tell us why this is a step forward?

Anonymous said...

Because the steps are going up, down around and thorugh. Need lots of steps to house all those people. Maybe they should even put some fire escapes on the sides and chutes for the basement vaults under the sidewalk.

mazeartist said...

When a Wal-Mart was proposed for Rego Park, the politcians were grandstanding in condemnation, eager to get the union vote. Speeches condemning potential traffic jams and super-size development were heard. A year later, a Home Depot is being built on the site and the politicians are silent.

Anonymous said...

We live near Best Buy, Home Depot and all the new stores near Woodside.

Since they were built about 10 years ago, the amount of litter in front of our home has jumped 10-fold.

These are major chains and give back nothing to the community unlike the old days when local merchants knew that a strong community meant a strong business.

It is a shame that our community board, our elected officials and city planning has once again proven they are a bunch of bumbling fools when they ok this crap.

Thank God they don't get involved in foreign policy.