Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting what they deserve?

Submitted by K.W.:

Ah, now we have the unholy gestation of what the breeders of New Flushing were producing, as a hellish barracks for the office workers of the new Flushing order has appeared. Note please that the grand old tree has disappeared, as well as any trace of a garden or yard in front. New Flushing's developers, as we know, despise vegetation because they consider green space an unnecessary expense. Of course they fail to realize that it is plants, trees and vegetation that produce the very air that we breathe.

Note, also, that the usual basement parking space seems to be missing, unless it eventually appears on the side of the building. No, in this building, the SUVs will be parked "right in front of the door."

As the New York Times said in a famous editorial after the loss of Penn Station in the swingin' Sixties, we get the architecture we deserve.

And the residents of old Flushing deserve what the developers of New Flushing are bringing us, unless they speak out.


Anonymous said...

We get politicians and media that supports this, but we don't deserve treatment or did we ask for them. I guess they think the people of Queens are a buch of losers to accept this passively.

Boy, are the politicians in for a rude surprise. We have long memories, boys.

Anonymous said...

Brutal barracks built by leadership that holds the people of Queens in contempt. The bastards.

Anonymous said...

This appears to be built in the "Tommy Huang" style of "architecture". It's cost effective (being built on the quick- and -cheap without any frills). These dwellings (or "Hong Kong Huts" as the locals are calling them) are designed to cram as many occupants as can be managed into each "living" space while stuffing as much money as possible in to the builder's bank vault! Units like these will not be cheap to purchase, however. Each will probably run about a 1/2 million and up! Anybody wanna live in one of these boxes? A casket has more room!

Anonymous said...

"Hong Kong Huts?" Oh my, the Manhattan folks will call the people from Queens a bunch of racists if they hear that .... as they systematically squeeze immigrants out of Manhattan.

Come to think of it, we should turn Johnny Liu on them! I think the Manhattan folks should love his rather unique take on diversity!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely design-right out of Leonid Brezhnev's USSR!

Anonymous said...

Let's all try to be civlized preservationists (work within the system and not burn any bridges) maybe we can make friends or even"appease" some developers . Do you think we can reason with them not to invade certain neighborhoods with their brand of "queens-crap"? Yeah, let's light a candle! I think it's time for a history lesson: The Prime Minister of England, Neville Cham-berlin (spelled "Berlin)" tried to "appease" Der Fuhrer thinking he had cut a "deal" to protect his homeland. Surprise! Blitzkrieg! A lot of London burned! Sorry folks, but we're going to be seeing a lot more Queens- Crap being built before "the fight" is over!