Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bloomberg's first new 2030 park?

You gotta love our Mayor, Parks Commissioner, Chair of Landmarks, and a designer of pretentious yuppie hotspots for collaborating on this doozy:

New York Tries to Think Outside the Sandbox

We got a good chuckle out of this. Kids need help learning how to play? An innovative new playground in an historic district/tourist trap at the South Street Seaport?

We are glad we grew up in the 20th century when all you needed was your imagination to turn a Radio Flyer into a WWII fighter plane and when kids swung real baseball bats instead of "interacting with" faux ones.

If this is truly believed to be such a good step for kids, why not try it out in a neighborhood devoid of parks, like one in an outer borough? Aren't our kids worthy of a park? Oh wait..dumb question!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? A park near south street seaport is the last f@!#$ing thing the city needs. Hey kids, if you want to play, you'd better get yourself down to where the tourists go, cause the city's not interested in doing shit in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe a newspaper will do a story on why we do not need St. Saviour's for the local kids, and the rich people in lower Manhattan get parks with baby sitters supplied by taxpayer money. Maybe a newspaper can call Gallagher and each of the community board people to explain why the local kids are unworthy of a park at St. Saviour's but it's ok for the their parents to provide such amenities for the rich in Manhattan. Come on guys, I dare you to write something that is not a press release from a politician or develper! You can do it I dare ya!

Anonymous said...

I live in the Maspeth area and would like to see more playgrounds for my kids and their friends.

Is there someplace that I can go to see what you are planning for St Saviours? Would someone in city council member's Gallagher's office perhaps post something on his website to let the public know at least what is being proposed?

Can someone do a story in the newspapers and let us know what kind of park is being discussed for that spot and what is holding things up?

Anonymous said...

I will be damned if I am going to pay taxes for the rich and my kids don't even have a playground in walking distance.

If this goes up before city council, does that mean that Dennis Gallagher will vote for it? What is he doing for my kids?

Anonymous said...

I heard that NYC has a surplus this year of a few BILLION!

So how about some pocket change for Maspeth?

Anonymous said...

Naw, they don't want to do that. Once the public wins something, even if its tiny, they will discover that they have had the real power all along. Heavens knows what disasters will happen once they wake up and flex their muscles.

Better to have our betters tell us what's best!

Anonymous said...

My wife just completed a temp-work assignment just on the other side of the street from this proposed (tell me it's really a joke) park? I know the area well! Now that the former financial district is being converted for the residential occupancy of "Yuppies" and "Coupies" (the last being a Yuppie couple) don't their kiddies really deserve an expensive sandbox to play in? Let's not be heartless, folks! These tots need pampering in a special environment, after all , they're not like the rest of us! Perhaps the Parks Dept. might consider, instead, taking a vintage barge and (in cooperation with "Toys-R-Us" or "Kids-R-Us") put a sandbox & and some "see-saws" on it! Then you can moor it in the East River! Wouldn't that make a fine tourist attraction coupled with a museum exhibit entitled, "Yuppies At Play"! Sounds good to me. While the kids in Maspeth, I suppose, could play in Hell for all Mayor Bloomie seems to care! Hey Mayor Putz! The St. Saviour's Church site is a bargain that can be bought, now, for new parkland! It's for sale and really cheap. What's it going to cost NYC taxpayers to build this new South- Street- Seaport- Super -Sandbox anyway? Is this going to be one of those or something like that $600. hammer that the Pentagon purchased many years ago? We know that "your people" are watching this blog-site so why don't you come out of cover and sign a posting so we may all hear directly from you ? Think of it as a Cyber-Town-Hall-Meeting. Oh, I guess you'd rather do it on Bloomberg Radio". Yeah, I've still got one of those free give-away- ad- gimmick radios (tuned to only one station...yours) that were handed out years ago in my collection. I hope to sell it on "E-bay" someday! Maybe it can make me a a rich guy , just like you! You know what folks, that "natural gas" odor that blanketed a swath of Manhattan just a few days ago was finally discovered to be the stench of mendacity and corruption eminating from the "bull pen" (isn't that what Bloomie calls the cubicle that he works from?) at City Hall!