Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Links of interest

From today's NY Sun:

More City Council stupidity

Manhattan Gets Dumped on For a Change

Landmarking and Zoning are Terrible


Anonymous said...

You don't need incentives for buyers in a "hot" real estate spot like Boerum Hill (unless you're trying to gentrify the area). I'd like a major tax break for my Queens home (say, about 25,000 dollars or so! ) Am I going to get it? No!

verdi said...

It's time you insular Manhattanites got dumped on too, like we do here in Queens. Wake up and smell the garbage! It can be "stimulating".

Anonymous said...

Developers (make that OVER-DEVELOPERS especially from out of town) need to be handcuffed not given a free hand in NYC. There are reasons for zoning restrictions and you damn well know what they are. As for Landmarking holding up one of your precious projects, I suppose that you Pennsylvania peanut- brains would tear down Independence Hall in Philly, if you could make a buck out of it! Go back to the boonies where you belong and stay out of my city! Stick to ruining your own state!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why the voters and taxpayers of Queens are systamatically excluded from a meaningful role in the direction of their communities?

Maybe a newspaper will do a story about that!

ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Because the machine exists to make money, not to govern!! The locals are merely so many little obstacles to be manipulated for the real purpose of governing (for example, getting the funds to build a gaudy tasteless North Shore mansion by ripping off little kids).

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, now you have done it 'anonymous.' Do you say the hallowed demi-gods the press build for us are really little people with petty little agendas driving their petty little lives? No that is not true! How can you say that! No one will betray the sacred trust given to them by their fellow citizen for pocket change!