Monday, October 3, 2022

Queensway at Aqueduct?

Um, is the Aqueduct Station in Ozone Park being prepped for the Queensway linear park already?


Anonymous said...

Biden's Infrastructure is incapable by nature of being seen.
What is in the infrastructure Bill 2022 or is it too long to read....

Anonymous said...

Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Count yourselves lucky.
Here in the great state of Florida our train stations are so far underwater, we’re better off taking the ole commie canoe and peddling all the way to Texas.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Eric Nightclub Adam's NY !

Anonymous said...

I bet diversity and climate change could fix this !

Anonymous said...

Trains are for communists anyway.

Anonymous said...

@Here in the great state of Florida our train stations are so far underwater

Is that in the TA Grand Climate Scam computer game?

Anonymous said...

@"Is that in the TA Grand Climate Scam computer game?"

No, that's from the George Soros weather machine, who's only flaw is that it uses the Bill Gates MS Windows operating system.
Otherwise, it creates fake hurricanes, starts forest fires with giant lasers, heats up the planet a couple of degrees, and generally drives QAnon creeps like yourself a little more crazy than you already are.
Sad ...

Anonymous said...

@George Soros weather machine

TA Commie Creep, check your favorite propaganda outlet, they disagree with you

"China has long sought to control the weather to protect farming areas and to ensure clear skies for key events – it seeded clouds ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to reduce smog and avoid rain ahead of the competition. Key political meetings held in the Chinese capital are notorious for enjoying beautiful clear skies, thanks both to weather modification and the shutting down of nearby factories. "

We know you are a stupid activist and dumb as a rock.
Thanks for sharing your lunacy with us, but would be better if you entertained you fellow TA commies with it at your TA HQ.

Now go back to your Grand Climate Scam computer game available exclusively on Gates College Dropout Vaccinator Windows junkware.

Anonymous said...

that's from the George Soros weather machine

Interesting comment.
Apparently the author has no idea of DARPA, Air Force and HAARP.

Oh well, with a GED what do you expect?

Plasma Physics, Dr. Bernard Eastlund in his own words.

Plus conspiracy theories from the Air Force from 1996.

So now we have fake weather, fake pandemics, fake viruses, fake everything except for very real stupid ignorant people.

Go figure.