Saturday, April 4, 2015

Trump's $269M taxpayer funded golf course now open

From A Walk in the Park:

Trump Golf Links At Ferry Point Park, located on the former Ferry Point Park landfill surrounded by housing projects near the Whitestone Bridge in the Bronx, is now open for business - for the rich.

It's April Fools Day every day for the city's tax payers as billionaire Michael Bloomberg's gift to billionaire Donald Trump finally opens today but not before sticking the taxpayers with a reported $269 million dollar bill.

In one of the most fiscally irresponsible deals made during Bloomberg administration the city paid to build the country's most expensive municipal golf course for the billionaire real estate developer.

The project, one of the Parks Department's most scandal-plagued developments, was originally supposed to open in 2001 and cost the tax payers only a few million dollars.

But the city's cost to build the luxury course isn't the only thing that has skyrocketed since Trump signed the deal in 2013: Prices to play at the exclusive course have also continued to go through the roof.

Green Fees. In a further bilking of taxpayers, the city is allowing Trump to charge the public more than three times what is paid to play at other Parks Department golf courses.

The original contract signed by Donald Trump's Ferry Point Partners for green fees in 2013 listed $100 for a round of golf (Monday-Thursday), and $125 on weekends and holidays. He was also allowed to charge non-residents $25 more on weekends without the approval of Parks or the city.

Since then the sky-high green fees have dramatically increased even further.

The green fees are now $141.00 during the week and $169.00 on weekends. For non-residents prices are now $190.00 during the week and $ 215 dollars on weekends.

Trump is also permitted to increase green fees annually according to his agreement.

Trump is required pay the city nothing through the first four years of his 20-year contract. Years 1-4: No Fee. Year 5: $300,000 or 7% of Gross Receipts plus 3% of sublicense gross receipts. By the 10th year, he is required to pay $360,000 or 7% of Gross Receipts plus 3% of sublicense gross receipts. By year 20, he is required to pay the city $470,000 or 10% of Gross Receipts plus 3% of sublicense gross receipts.


Anonymous said...

"Green Fees. In a further bilking of taxpayers, the city is allowing Trump to charge the public more than three times what is paid to play at other Parks Department golf courses."

Really? Trump has balls!!!

Anonymous said...

This will never fly. If you are driving along the Whitestone Exoressway, watch out for flying golf balls.

Anonymous said...

Bad timing. Golfing interest in the US has plunged over the last few years. Mostly due to the high fees and the lengthy amount of time it takes to complete a full round.

JQ said...

That course still looks like a landfill, what a dump!

Let's all thank mayor fun size for another playground for those who can afford market rate apartments who can't break 100 in 18 holes.

Bad timing is right, since the sport doesn't have Tiger to promote it anymore, since his years of abusing steroids has broke his body. And since this course is designed by the golden bear, its sure to be super hard and will frustrate even the most obsessive golfers to quit and not return.

Besides the one in forest park is fine and still successful and convenient. The commute to Trump's course from Queens is the awful pothole strewn path of the Jackie Robinson and Van Wyck

Anonymous said...

What a waste of tax payers money.

Jerry Rotondi said...

I grew up in Clason Point in the Bronx. We used to go to Ferry Point park to sail our 15 cents balsa wood airplanes, which were purchased at Ruby's candy store.

Week used to love watching the NYC garbage trucks dump their big loads exactly where that golf course is.

"Bombs, away!"

We really enjoyed seeing the sea gulls swoop down and grab a mouthful of of that tasty garbage before it even hit the ground. Phew!

The we moved to Whitestone Queens, in the middle of nowhere. Yet I am proud that the great Corona ash dump became transformed into Flushing Meadows Corona Park.
LOL! It ain't Central Park. That's for sure!

A lingering question remains...what do we do with all of our local. stinky politicians? What trashy heap will accept them.

Eureka! Of course, I forgot.....Albany or Washington!

Anonymous said...

It will be filled with Korean golfers. After the Japanese, Koreans love the game.

Uh, is this the first step in settling that area of the Bronx with the overflow of Flooshing?

It's just across the bridge from LGA and would make a perfect new colony.

Anonymous said...

Asian business will be now be conducted on the golf course, of course. Big plans will be hatched. That's what American business big wigs used to do. "Meet me at the clubhouse and we'll discuss our bid to acquire General Electric".

That is the American way. I think that Asians have become the great new Americans whowill carry our country beyond the twenty first century. Face it. Education comes first with the Chinese. No wasted time following hip hop "stars" with them.

Our strength is with immigration. Our own native old farts have fizzed out. No wind left to power a good dump.

Anonymous said...

JQ - This was a Bloomberg deal, not a DeBlasio deal.

JQ said...

fun size is bloomberg,

here's the inspiration---

Anon no. 9 said...

Got it. I thought DeB was the fun size guy based on his height, rather than Bloomberg's lack of same. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

To get there from Queens , please pay $16 round trip to cross the Whitestone Bridge...