Friday, April 3, 2015

Queens Trib advertises illegal conversions (aka How Not to Publish a News Website)

From the Queens Tribune:

Featured Ridgewood Listings:

64-05 Gates Avenue
A two-story, multi-family home with five bedrooms and two bathrooms, this pre-war brick building just hit the market within the past three weeks. There’s approximately 3,300 square feet of living space in the Colonial-style home, a patio, 11 total rooms, hardwood floors, a full basement with a separate entrance, and a private driveway and garage.

Multi-family? Don't think so. It's a legal 2-family. "full basement with separate entrance" - We know what that means. The Trulia listing features a photo of a garage containing a confederate flag. Classy.

17-43 Grove Street
A two-family home, which has been converted into a three-family, income-generating building, this property could be a steal. It’s been on the market for nearly five months, possibly because it needs a fair share of work done on it. A buyer with the means though might want to take advantage of its availability. The property is on a beautiful, tree-lined street close to mass transit, and has a spacious backyard.

A 2 family home that was converted into a 3? Not legally. Not even a permit filed. Trulia calls it "Beautiful two family home set up like a three family."

The photo accompanying the article really takes the cake. (And I doubt it was an April Fool's joke.)


Jerry Rotondi said...

The Queens Trib has enjoyed a reputation for advertising massage parlors, escort services, etc. Why should they shrink from this?

The bread and butter of any newspaper is the advertising revenue it gets to pay for any news stories that they publish.

Anonymous said...

True dat!
Between Mike Shenckler (now retired) and Michael Nussbaum (not so retired) this news rag tabloid grinds out its sludge.

Remember, this rag was started up by the sleazy Gary Ackerman (retired).

Members of the old Ackerman gang are still around doing business as usual.

Anonymous said...

BTW...WTF was Nussbaum doing at the CB7 meeting RE developing the RKO Keith's site? He's still involved somewhere behind the scenes. The news media once referred to him as Donald Manes' bag man. He narrowly escaped a jail sentence for a bribery scheme. Think it was with Time Warner cable. Look it up. I don't lie.

Anonymous said...

"Nussie" represented Patrick Thompson, previous Keith's owner. Whatever " representing" meant. Thompson already had an attorney representing him...Howard Goldman.

Anonymous said...

That Manes girl, Myra Baird Herce, was also at that CB7 meeting. They both seemed to be close to Manes in the old days. Shulman was VERY close to her boss, of course. Maybe we'll live long enough to see Claire in an orange jump suit

Richard Iritano said...

The entire borough of Queens County is a politically hijacked, organized crime ring of voracious, predatory thieves! No one should be surprised, then that it is the official gateway to the Fourth World of coveted privilege, patronage and private splendor, versus public squalor foreign beggary, obscurity and quiet desperation of utter silence and complicity. This tonsured, tortured and ravaged borough currently produces more political raw sewage (i.e., corruption, graft, cover-ups, kickbacks, payoffs, cronyism, nepotism and utterly failed, cradle-to-grave, pay-for-play politicians), than the daily intake from the Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Plant collected from all five boroughs combined! Queens is the new capital in Neo-fascism---and pity the peasant taxpayer who challenges this voracious, new breed of forced policy and regime!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Truly an interesting read:

Jerry Rotondi said...

Richard, Queens was allowed to be hyjacked by its gullible complacent voters. We keep on having faith in politicians who deliver pho ops instead of results.

John Liu was a prime example of the photo op king.
They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Well, John's dad, Joseph Liu was covicted on federal bank fraud charges. John's own political campaign chiefs were also convicted.

Vote smart or learn to love eating dirt for the duration of your politician's term.