Monday, April 6, 2015

More change a-comin' to Broadway-Flushing

"According to the Ferrignos....founders of BFHA....this house won design award when it was built.
Fresh holes just dug for construction or demolition perimeter fence.
Another Broadway tear down coming up? Located southwest corner 164 St & 35 Av. Adjacent to an existing empty lot resulting from older tear down. This is within the Rickert Finlay covenant area.
Part of fence already up along 164 St."
- The Flushing Phantom

So what's going on here? Luckily, this is NOT a teardown. Permits reveal that they're building a 2nd floor. But then again, they were just planning to "raise the roof" of another Broadway-Flushing building, but that's not what happened. Let's keep an eye on this one. - QC


Anonymous said...

More crap in flushing..what else is new? This is what happens when you sell your home to third worlders!

Anonymous said...

No. I love that house !
North Flushing is dying one tear down at a time...

Anonymous said...

There has been a huge empty lot next door to this house, corner of 163rd and 35th, for years.

Wanna bet several houses will be erected all along 35th Ave between 163 and 164th streets?

Anonymous said...

ooooo! Run quick to the Queens Preservation Council. Queens Historical Society! Our Official Borough Historian! Your Councilman Vallone! Your Borough President Katz! Your community board!

Lot of back up there for the people of Queens!

Anonymous said...

Regarding that empty adjacent property on 163 Street: Word has it that a church is interested in it.

Will they tear down this house and use the property for a church parking lot?

If that 's the case, that makes two properties off the tax roles an an increase in property taxes for the rest of us.

I estimate about $20,000 lost. Not for profit groups, with federal tax exempt status, do not pay real estate taxes.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone reached councilman Vallone for comment? Consigliere Vallone is probably too busy with his real estate industry clients, lobbying for them.

He is certainly not lobbying for his own neighborhood.

Phony Vallone-y is full of baloney when it comes to representing his constituents.

That BFHA "hostess" who thinks he's the cat's meow had better wise up to this crook.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Vallone makes his friends and connections through his activities at St. Andrew Avellino church. That's where he did some of his election campaigning last time around.

It's a good formula. In Astoria, the Vallone family did the same thing. It gives them the image of being good family men.

Family? Maybe la famiglia. Political Mafiosi do more damage than real gangsters to neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Yawn! You mean your community BORED?
CB7 Only exists to aid overdevelopment.
This is the board of the rubber stamp. Hello, Chuck...gotten any good printing contracts lately.

Anonymous said...

Then there is Queens Civic Congress. LOL!
WTF do they do besides pull each other's chains?
Oooh....aahhh...I think I have power.
Another anemic group that need a good shot of B 12.

Queens real weakness is that each town identifies only with itself. There can never be real unity of force with each little village cutting deals behind another one's back to protect their local turf.

Bayside don't give a shit about Long Island City, and vice versa. Such fragmentation gives aid and comfort to the enemy....namely the real estate industry.

Anonymous said...

For years Broadway's attitude was,
"It won't happen here. "
Well, here it is and here is now! Welcome to downtown Flushing.

Hoping for a landmark district?
I'm still waiting for a winning lottery ticket.

Get up on your hind legs or roll over like a good little doggie.

Where is Don Chooch Vallone? At his kid's soccer match? "I gotta leave early...sorry...St Andrews calls".

Anonymous said...

Someday I'll have to go to mass and see if Don Paulo really goes to church on Sunday, or send a double to fill in for him.

A meeting with a developer outweighs any religious obligations he might have.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute, fella, Paulie can combine church and lobbying. The CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) property in Whitestone needs a good lawyer.

Italy Bombolini said...

When you elect a chitrool you can expect that cucumber to wind up where you don't want it. When Paulie was running for office, guess who showed up at the PS 32 polling place pimping for him? Brother Pete "junior" Vallone.

He did't openly electioneer....just stood there like Mussollini..not saying a word. Put an end to Vallone thuggery. Make sure this saseech doesn't get a second term.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the owner is Korean.
After being pushed out of downtown Flushinby Taiwanese-Chinese, Koreans have targeted eastern Northern Boulevard for their colony. Anchoring a beachhead with churches becomes their base of operation.

Count the number Korean churches from east Flushing to Little Neck as proof of expansion.

Anonymous said...

Think big!

The days of humble expansion capes and small ranch burger houses are over. Everybody wants bigger. I forecast Malba in Broadway within the next five years.

Second floors with big lawyer foyers is what is wanted now in a home. Asians also desire to keep up with the Jonses...or the Huang's....or the Kim's.

It's the American way. Bring back those big Detroit gas guzzling Pontiacs an Buicks.

The next time our economy takes a nosedive, these huge homes will become a liability. How much does it cost to heat and cool a two story lawyer foyer?

Broadway will eventually become the domain of wealthier Asian real estate war lords.

Anonymous said...

End The Federal Reserve

That is all

Anonymous said...

It is all of the avenue blocks that have bigger properties that are more likely to become altered for the bigger.

Soon, the Landmarks Preservation Commission can become fully justified in their position that Broadway Flushing"does not meet the criteria" for becoming a municipal historic district.

Some change is good. Some change is bad. Whatever happens, get used to some fast changes. This IS spring, the optimum time for building and remodeling.

The neighborhood is expendable because the voters are dummies.
Go and vote in Vallone for a second term and watch your biggest nightmare become reality.
Vallone is a shady two faced impersonator. He feigns love of nabe but makes scads of $$$$$$$$$$ from his developer pals.

Then he goes to church to pray like a good father and family man.

Anonymous said...

Vallone on blended knee? This I gotta see!

There's an old saying.
"He may eat the saints, but he shits the devil."

Hypocrisy... in other words!

Anonymous said...

More and more of this is going to happen this year.
It's a very good time to be a seller in North Flushing.
I have heard of offers between $800,000 to $1,000,000 for homes that will be torn down.
Crazy money if you ask me !

Anonymous said...

The problem is, even if you get $800,000 to $1,000,000 for your North Flushing home, what can you buy in a better safer nabe for that pittance these days?

I guess you could move to the Texas panhandle and shoot scorpions on Saturday night for amusement.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should sell my Broadway home and move into that penthouse they will be putting on top of the RKO Keith's site condos. Two million bucks was the estimate given for its purchase.

What a historic heritage....close to the old vaudeville stars and even closer to La Guardia' s flight path.

Oh, those quiet skies call out to me.

Nah....I'm likely to be outbid on that penthouse by some wannabe Chinese war lord.

Chang Kai ....go write your check. I will pass.

Anonymous said...

Allowing the colonization of Flushing , first by the Taiwanese , to keep out the people of the wrong color... is the price that was paid to politicians to sell out the area.

At least now you can walk the streets at night without getting hit with a stray drive by shooting bullet.

Flushing's motto should be, "It's better here than Jamaica".

Anonymous said...

With the FAA's "Crappy" new flight patterns and the Next Gen
technology the noise and pollution in North Flushing is terrible. Sell and get out while you can and thank Mr. Chin for the money.

Anonymous said...

So many factors that are wrong here. North Flushing is so beautiful and gorgeous, why can't people just appreciate it and leave it alone. So much more beautiful than many neighborhoods in the holy land of Long Island (according to many but not me). So many people I know don't even know or have been to this beautiful neighborhood. And can someone please tell me why Asians need to build bigger all the time, extensions or complete knockdowns to beautiful homes. That is beyond me, they replace intricate detailed design with plain mismatched crap. I hope a miracle happens and more positive involvement for this gorgeous community.

Anonymous said...

Barbarians DO NOT respect beauty....never have , historically. Might is right. You either are prepared to do battle for your nabe...or serve tea to your conquerors.

Anonymous said...

we have been too compliant with the horrors that have been allowed to all of flushing and the results is this. ALL these houses of worship (business) and tax exempt buildings have to STOP! TAX and LIMIT the number of them. POLITICIANS are useless ...when I asked a local politician worker about the number of houses of worship in flushing they did not know ... WE / THEY should know the answer and the loss of taxes and who picks up the slack for these scams? And what about our RIGHTS? Do we the people have any voice in our country?