Monday, April 19, 2010

Woodhaven Lanes to become furniture store

From the Daily News:

A historic Glendale bowling alley that closed amid teary farewells in 2008 is slated to become a furniture showroom this fall.

Bob's Discount Furniture, a chain known for its ubiquitous and lively TV ads, is slated to open at the site in November with about 65 employees, said company spokesman Eric Montague.

The recently unveiled plan will outfit the brick box once known as Woodhaven Lanes - a pin paradise for 50 years - with arched entryways, metal roof panels and newly planted trees.

"Our plan is to take it, rehab it, make it very attractive for the neighborhood," Montague said, adding that plans also call for canvas awnings, split-face block veneer and windows.

He said the company's lease will run at least 10 years.


Kevin Walsh said...

In Brooklyn and Manhattan, old alleys and new have become popular neighborhood attractions, albeit a little hip for my speed. Meanwhile in Queens, things go on as they always have, they get run down and later torn down.

Anonymous said...

We lost Bellerose lanes a few years ago to retail crap. No one bowls anymore-- do leagues still exist? Any remaining lanes are all about continuous loud music, party events, and catering, not bowling. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

The stuff they sell is.......crap.You get what you pay for!

faster340 said...

Great. Just what we need, another shit store with shit merchandise!

Mike The Midget said...

Queens (with exception of the waterfront) is to be the retail and cheap labor force for Bloombers Tower people.
If you people dont like it move now or be blown out !

Anonymous said...

Nah...we gotta have people riding in their cars sellin dope and getting ready for Rikers island....instead of some clean fun cheap entertainment.

Welcome to the new America...BAH HUMBUG!

We lost Bellerose lanes a few years ago to retail crap. No one bowls anymore-- do leagues still exist?

Anonymous said...

I'd say that parking may be a problem there. It is already tough with Trader Joe's. Now 65 employees (can that be right?)! And ys, that furniture is....low end.

Anonymous said...

I miss the bowling Alley - it was truly a family atmosphere among folks of all nationalities and means.

A 10 lease for a furniture store? I give it 1 year to fold - I won't go there.