Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good thing she has that socialite thing to fall back on

From Vanity Fair:

“It’s about how high and wide the buildings should be, what uses they can have, the correct width of the sidewalk, the shops along it, the trees planted, whether it really feels like a neighborhood you want to walk in and bike in, maybe want to live in and invest in.”

And here's why Amanda is a shitty urban planner. The goal should be to plan neighborhoods people definitely want to live in and invest in, not like to pass through and "maybe want" to live in and invest in. The bike nonsense should be secondary.

She's also a pretty shitty birder...

I can’t wait for the warbler season to begin in spring. I know a lot of the warblers by ear.”

“Do a warble for me. Go on.”

She hesitated, but she’s a good sport. “Witchety-witchety-witchety!” she warbled somewhat shrilly as a couple at a neighboring table looked on, startled. “It’s a common yellowthroat.”

“But anyone can do a yellowthroat,” she added self-effacingly. “The towhee is harder. The melodic towhee goes, ‘Tow-weeee!’ Isn’t that fun? You must think I’m crazy.”

Even beginning birders know that the Eastern Towhee is a sparrow and not a warbler and its Spring song is "Drink your Teeeeeea!"

This was the reaction from a Central Park visitor when I told him about Ms. Burden's double faux pas:


Anonymous said...

She may not know her birds, but she tweets like all celebrities.

Anonymous said...

Come and suck on this bird you out of touch distant dim-wit!

Anonymous said...

I concur with the second Ms. Anonymous here.

Anonymous said...

charlie got used to her yelling "toweeee toweeee toweeee.he found the moan just rosy rosy rosy.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Burden is a stupid cunt.

Anonymous said...

What a burden on society!