Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quinn to beg Biden for stimulus money to help developers

From the Wall Street Journal:

Top New York real-estate executives and the City Council speaker will make an 11th-hour push Wednesday to persuade the White House to back federal funding for a second subway station as part of the extension of the No. 7 line in Manhattan.

Officials from the Real Estate Board of New York, a trade association, and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will meet in Washington with Vice President Joe Biden's staff in hopes of securing hundreds of millions of dollars to build a station at 10th Avenue and 41st Street.

Ms. Quinn, a Manhattan Democrat who is seen as a potential 2013 candidate for mayor, is leading the delegation to Washington. "We're working to rebuild an entire neighborhood, and an important key to that is having a strong transportation system," she said.

Who's paying for this trip?


Anonymous said...

"Quinn to beg Biden for stimulus money to help developers"

At first I thought it read, ""Quinn to blow Biden for stimulus money to help developers"

Anonymous said...

Of course she has to help the developers. She needs their support and campaign contributions for her mayoral run come election time. This is all about her agenda, not the people of New York. I can think of better use for stimulus money in NYC. How about money to balance the MTA budget so they don't have to raise fares again? If she needs money for a subway stop, she should dig into her slush fund, where she's skimmed lots of taxpayer money from us.

Anonymous said...

that location is the exit to the Lincoln Tunnel. with all the traffic each day and fumes,why would any sane person live there?
that subway stop would be useless. the New Jersey buses own that area.

these democrat politicians are smoking something.they
waste the n.y.c./U.S.
citizens tax money on senseless projects,and then raise their taxes some more.

where is the billions of taxpayer bail out money that has been paid back ,by the banks and wall street, to obama's stash. it should be put back into the U.S. Treasury. is it not being given away to influence the democrat win in 2012?

they have to be run out of leadership roles in government fast.

Anonymous said...

We should beg for money from the Feds - we certainly over-pay giving them taxes. Building a station now is better than wishing we did 5 years from now and doing it at a prohibited cost. After all it will be mostly Queens residents using this line to go deeper into the West side to work anyway. I don't like Quinn but will not begrudge where the money is coming from as long as it's coming from us (we have none).

Anonymous said...

The station will be used mostly by Queens people going to work? I think not. It will be used as a selling point by developers and used by Manhattan people who are too lazy to walk 4 blocks to Times Square where just about every line stops now.

And the feds have money? We aren't in debt up to our eyeballs in this country?

Anonymous said...

don't worry crapper, Quinn has a large slush fund to pay for this trip. tehehe. I hope Biden tell her to go Fuck herself.

Anonymous said...

Also Can Quinn asked Biden what if going on with the Dept of Investigation on her slush funds?

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it read, ""Quinn to blow Biden for stimulus money to help developers"

She couldn't get him hard even if he tried.