Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Silver will still collect hefty pension

From the Daily News:

He’s likely heading to prison, but convicted former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will still collect a hefty state pension.

He’s enrolled in the most generous pension tier system. Silver should collect $90,750 a year, which is more than most New Yorkers make in the private sector.

That’s 75% of the $121,000 a year he was making while serving as speaker.

The state cannot go after the pension of state lawmakers or workers who started before November 2011 — even if convicted of crime.


Anonymous said...

Does Silver's Chief of Staff Judy Rapfogel get fired or reassigned to another state job? Also, I heard that Willie Rapfogel will be released this month and already has a job lined up. They may be crooks, but they still have their connections.

Anonymous said...

This is an area ripe for reform.

They need to make new laws and apply them retroactively.

Politicians and city employees who break the law should forfeit their pensions.

In the case of Silver there should be hefty fines with his crimes.

Also, no more of this people 'resigning' when they finally get caught/convicted. They need to be fired/expelled/impeached.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast with the pension.
The US DA already said that they will go after his pension for the damages he caused.

Anonymous said...

Can he be sued by the Attorney General for theft of services? If he was busy lining his pockets on the State's time, then he wasn't doing his "job".

Anonymous said...

If the police can be held responsible in Civil Court for their on the job actions how about we apply that to politicians. Sue Silver for damages.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Put the bastard into general pop and cut off his pension.
It is obvious that the crooked state system, which has its epicenter up I n Albany, has not been cleaned up enough yet.
Let us see what kind of cushy deal Skelos gets.

Anonymous said...

Well there's no way in the world "we" can change that law. Why? Because state legislators make the laws behind closed doors. They do the same when they give themselves undeserved raises. How do you think this corruption has gone on for more than 30 years?

However, let's try that with Cuomo. Maybe we can get the Committee Investigating Corruption in his office, he so unceremoniously fired, back on the job. Nah. That won't work either.

Michael J said...

no mention of his political affiliation? why?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think you mean Andrew Cuomo.
Super Mario is out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Shelly will be running the prison before you know it
Bank of Sing Sing

Anonymous said...

Retroactive laws are unconstitutional.

Show some respect for the United States.

'We'll never change the law'?

It's already been changed. Reading is your friend, try it before you post.

Anonymous said...

I really hope they go after our fake ass governor.and put an end to the political nepotism thats been plaguing the state. We are no.different. than any third world country out there with the same problems of corruption. Heck, his own brother cant stand him...