Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bill proposed to make you think you have input on new shelters

From the Queens Courier:

Communities will now have the chance to hear plans for proposed social service facility sites before they appear in their neighborhoods.

The Senate recently approved legislation co-sponsored by Senator Joseph Addabbo requiring a more transparent process when it comes to locating homeless shelters or other social service facilities in communities throughout the city.

Under the new legislation, social service providers would be required to notify community boards and the City Planning Commission (CPC) within 45 to 90 days of selecting a location for their facility. The CPC would then have to hold public hearings to gather local input on the proposed facilities.

Within 60 to 90 days of the public hearings, the CPC would have the final authority to approve, deny or modify the community-based programs.

Community boards may also request hearings be held within the same time frame if a provider is planning on renewing its lease. This allows for local input in cases where questions have been raised about the operation of the facility.

(In other words, they'll be forced to listen to you before they proceed without caring.)


r185 said...

"In other words, they'll be forced to listen to you before they proceed without caring."

Versus the community having no opportunity to organize, protest and gather support for their side. It's something.

Queens Crapper said...

The community will still lose. The laws are set up to allow shelters anywhere. They'll even get approved without mandatory kitchens.

Middle Villager said...

This is a lame attempt by Addabbo to placate the community. It gives the illusion that the community has a say in what goes on. If Addabbo had any balls he would call for investigations in to the awarding of the contracts that are given to these "non profits". All of the contracts are awarded without competitive bids and are given to "non profits" that have miserable track records but excellent political connections. Joe is just being a good party soldier and going along with the program. The purpose of this bill is to save face in the community, he can say he did "something".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody really has input in government except at the voting booth. Community boards are a total sham.
If you are in a position of power or are wealthy, then you have a voice in government. The little guy is a deaf mute as far as politicians are concerned. Thems the facts. They're hard to swallow but better you should face up to them. It might help you research the candidate more thoroughly, who you will be entrusting to govern you.

Emmanuel Goldstein said...

(In other words, they'll be forced to listen to you before they proceed without caring.)

He who controls the megaphone, controls the future.