Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DOE doesn't want Parkway Hospital for a school

From DNA Info:

Plans to convert the former Parkway Hospital into a school to ease overcrowding have been rejected by the Department of Education.

The idea was first suggested by parents during a School District 28 Community Education Council meeting in May at which they met with city officials to discuss overcrowding in the neighborhood.

Several local elected officials, including Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, expressed support for the school idea, but the DOE said last week that the agency had checked the site and had decided not to pursue the conversion.


Unknown said...

They reject it because it makes to much sense. PS 196, the school right next to the hospital was doubled in size three years ago by adding a completely new building to it while the hospital stood empty. They could just as easily renovated the hospital building instead instead of leaving it to become a decrepit hulking eye sore.

Anonymous said...

Turning this massive unused building into a school would make too much sense. That's why it can't happen.

Anonymous said...

the d.o.e. special education div .could place the P.S.993 S.E. & similar groups (7pupils /room) there and release the many rooms in CSD 26 school buildings .local pupils are being bussed out of the community and replaced by $65,000-90,000 per one pupil /year. it makes no common sense, except that property tax payers pay a 23% increase in the school tax ,over the last ten well as the busing in /busing out cost fpo 180 days /twice a day . who gets to share the tax $$$$$ ? is nyc a $$$$laundering machine ?


Anonymous said...

most of these S>E. "pupils" do not test over 1.5 out of 100 for E.L.A./Math scoring.
why then are they considered being taught E.L.A. and Math ? is this just a scam to get big $$$$ for the U.F.T. the NYC/DOE budget is already an abominable $22-23 billion $$$$$$$. could a medical facility be the best location for these S.E "pupils" ?