Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Bad Bill doesn't impress anyone in Albany

From AM-NY:

Who's afraid of Mayor Bill de Blasio in Albany?

Not state Senate Republicans, who denied his request for permanent mayoral control of New York City schools, granting him one year instead.

Not Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who didn't deny he and his team were the unnamed officials in news reports who belittled the mayor as "incompetent" and clueless on influencing the legislative process.

Not advocates for charter schools, who won a lifting of a cap for new schools over de Blasio's opposition in the three-way agreement last week among Cuomo, state Senate Republicans and the Democrat-led state Assembly.

"There isn't a fear factor with Bill. There is a fear factor with Andrew," political consultant George Arzt said.

After the legislature went home, mayoral aides who spoke on condition of anonymity sought to paint a more positive picture of how de Blasio fared, saying they secured the affordable housing requirement he had championed in the real estate tax abatement known as 421-a.

Aides also indicated they had no plans to rethink their approach in Albany. The mayor said he didn't regret campaigning aggressively, albeit unsuccessfully, against state Senate Republicans last year.


Anonymous said...

"There isn't a fear factor with Bill. There is a fear factor with Andrew," political consultant George Arzt said."

Pretty sad comment that our politics are based on fear.

Albany has never been "afraid" of the NYC mayor...that is, until Billions Bloombag threatened to fund political and advertising campaigns against anyone who opposed him.

We had twelve years to see how great that worked.

NYC needs two things:

-Get rid of the slim republican majority in the Senate.

-Devolve power in ALL areas directly affect the NYC TO the city.

The former will probably happen in the next cycle.

The latter..probably never. No way we'll ever get Upstate off our backs.

JQ said...

Mayor Big Pussy is just the liberal version Fat Fuck Christie of Jersey. A guy who talks lots of shit but is ineffective and disliked, and comically delusional. A guy who thinks he has the gravitas to effect a nation with his utter waste traveling across the country to effect national policies. Also inherently corrupt, as recent reports suggest of the depths he will go to, will use government services and strongarm subordinates in his cabinet and council people to get his way.

His "victories" in affordable housing are joke compromises so developers can continue to profit. The article forgets to mention that Rebny isn't afraid of him either.

And the recent rent freeze eventually is going to screw every tenant also. I think with this situation he's not actually going after slumlords or greedy landlords but modest ones who will be taxed unfairly. For these tenants, this freeze is going to be a temporary fix. It's Divide and conquer But it gives Deblasio a victory and a slight boost in support and that's all that matters in his orbit.

r185 said...

Senate Republicans don't fear DeBlasio, so instead of killing his control over the DOE, they extended it a year.

Anonymous said...

Mayoral control was originally a Republican idea. So it makes sense that they would extend it. The question is why de Blasio wants it extended when his buddies in the teachers unions are opposed to it.

Anonymous said...

You get what you voted for! Hope the liberals are happy!

Anonymous said...

What a mug!!!!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Who does he impress? Not me. No longer does his support group that help elect him. Our best hope is that big bad Bill serves one term.
Then it's all over until the dumb New Yorkers elect another mayor who will screw them the minute they bend over and turn their backs.
That is the way democracy works. With an enlightened citizenry, you get good representatives. With a dumb electorate you get political pond scum. "Of the people, by the people".....not necessarily "for the people".... unless we all learn to vote smart. Do your research, my fellow consumers, or wind up,with another lemon for mayor. This is not the place to get lazy. Pretend that you are buying a new smart phone and make sure that you are smarter than the technology manufacturer that is hawking their new product. Pol's are political products.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see DeBlasio getting the same bullshit as Bloomberg. Power cares not for parties.

Anonymous said...

If they knew he was black,they might change their tune. But he is an anti- semite.

Anonymous said...

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