Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SLA denies liquor license for Knockdown Center

From the Queens Chronicle:

The sparring match between the Knockdown Center and the community over the arts and entertainment venue's liquor license application is over, for now, with the opposed residents and elected officials winning by way of knockout.

The State Liquor Authority denied the liquor license application of the Knockdown Center, the controversial former factory at 52-19 Flushing Ave. in Maspeth, on Tuesday afternoon, with the overwhelming community opposition to the venue cited as the main reason for denial.

"We have gotten strong community opposition from all corners," SLA chairman Dennis Rosen said. "As far as we know, they did not change their position."

Rosen also expressed uneasiness about the lack of late-night public transportation in the area around the Knockdown Center and the nearly one-mile walk to the closest L subway line stop as secondary reasons for the denial.

In addition, a May 8th M.I.A. concert has been cancelled. I suppose not enough people want to see a show on a Thursday night in Maspeth that they can see on Saturday night in Manhattan. Duh.


Anonymous said...

Good decision!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha hipsters !
Keep calm and carry on...

Anonymous said...

Good to see common sense prevail.

J said...

I'm not from there,but I like to give the town a shoutout.


Anonymous said...

IF it wasn't for the amount of people that they wanted to use/enter the venue maybe they would have gotten one.
5,000 people are a lot for a neighborhood to endure.
They're plans for private security is also a problem. Most are poorly managed.

Anonymous said...

Straight up: I filmed the CB5 hearing wherein Mr. Myers saw fit to "educate" the people present as to what an "arts center" is.

Via Wikipedia.

Because obviously (tongue in cheek) no one in Maspeth has before and presently engaged in something called "art".

The presentation by Mr. Myers was arrogant. Mr. Sklar being unable to identify where his property was on a map was the kicker.

I feel sad for Sklar. Je's being used. Land rich, cash poor.

Anonymous said...

The community spoke and the media and government listened. At least some media.