Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Queenscape of the week

Brownstoner Queens featured this photo above a bunch of links yesterday.
This is such a perfect photo to represent what's become of this borough, don't you think? A street tree being destroyed in front of a wide load of crap.


Anonymous said...

They are barracks for the worker bees.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the roll down corrugated gates! They will be graffitied in no tine.

We're Queens, We Can't Have Nice Things said...

One can only suspect that the developer/owner killed the tree by putting rock salt at the base.

This behavior has been witnessed in North Flooshing! Free city tree removal - you just have to kill the tree first!!!

Queens pols don't give a shit about anything! Except Tony Avella - he's too good for this shitty Third World borough!

Anonymous said...

Are those fences inside the property line? They look like they extend over the city sidewalk.

The whole look is "institutional" not "neighborhood".

Anonymous said...

Full of Democratic voters and people who need Democratic programs and tenants to pay outrageous rents to Democratic campaign donor property investors.

I see nothing wrong with this picture.

Virginia Joe Crowley

Anonymous said...

Million trees programin nyc? I only see a million stumps.

Anonymous said...

What a dump that corner is. Between the hideous building and now a tree stump. No greenery just cement, how nice.