Sunday, May 11, 2014

More Ciafone fun!

14-55 Broadway. He owes quite a bit on this property. There's also a partial vacate order from 2011 when the basement was found to have SROs in it. (Complaint says 2-family house, though, perhaps an error.)

He makes it so easy to find his properties.

The stucco work is just sublime.
and the HPD violations on this are astounding.


Gary the Agnostic said...

When is he announcing his candidacy for whatever he's running for?

Anonymous said...

Another shit box!

We're Queens - We Can't Have Nice Things said...

What a gavone - to cover a beautiful old building with cheap, shitty-looking stucco and then have it painted orange and yellow!!!!

And then to pave over the entire front yard!!!!!

It just doesn't get more effed up than that!

Can't this type just stick to Whitestone and Staten Island? Do they have to crap up everything?

You can't buy taste.

J said...

that picture makes him look like a nervous sweaty version of superman.

the next pic the boro needs to see him in is a mug shot.

Anonymous said...

John Ciafone is pure poetry.

Anonymous said...

Isn't AMC planning to air a show about him called "Better Call John"?

Anonymous said...

Why not ask Gina Argento Ciafone about this? She is, after all, a board member of Community Board 1. BROOKLYN.

Anonymous said...

Ugh why couldn't they leave the original brick facade?!? Keep the original look of the house or building. What dumb uneducated and terrible design choice. This Ciafone guy needs a better picture.