Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jamaica termite-ridden street tree problem resolved

"Mr. H. just wanted to show his appreciation for team P/J. He is standing on spot that termites recently occupied. Mr. H. said that the tree cutters came back, dug deeply, removed the tree-root and filled the spot with treatment.

Now, there is no chance for a re-visit from termites. He said, that the tree cutters were very RESPECTFUL, this time. They even promised to put in a request to fix the damaged sidewalk. It was cracked due to the extended tree roots.

Mr. H. said, "Everything is good good, no termites, I got on toeless shoes now."

Ms. Boranian/constituents personnel at the borough president's office, please remind workmen that the community is on the look-out.

Bottom photo was taken yesterday, 5/5/14." - Pamela Hazel


Anonymous said...

Good to hear! Glad this homeowner got the help he needed from the city.

Anonymous said...

The city needs to do a better job removing stumps once the tree is cut down. The stumps are never removed and a new tree is never planted so there is just a rotting stump sitting there for years.

Joe Moretti said...

You go Pamela!

As usual done without the help of useless and lazy ass Jamaica politicians.

NYC and Queens needs a total overhaul, because what is going on in this "oh so spectacular city" is not working.

Joe said...

1 Forget calling the city. If they see one bug they will only award some buddy contractor big $$ to cut it down.
2-Buy "Sysmetic Insect Control" (Hick nursery or Garden World)
--Apply to the trunk double strength (4 oz per 1 gallon for every 6 inches of trunk width at night then keep quiet.
It takes about 10 days to get into the tree sap and kill the bugs. I just had a battle with Wolly Adgigid on 70 feet of hemlocks

Anonymous said...

The problem is the labor is so fragmented, mostly due to unions.

The crew who cuts the limbs is different from the guy who picks up the trunks, who is a different group than the grinders, and none of those groups will go near cement repair (which is also segmented into demo crews and install crews).

So you get projects that take forever because one guy wont do more than one task, and wont bother to coordinate with the rest.