Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hell hotel is still disgusting and still in business

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We're Queens, We Can't Have Nice Things said...

It's good that this is making the news. I'm sure that there are many similar places in downtown Flooshing.

The average rent is $3,800/month.

So, given that rent should be approx. 25% of one's gross income one would have to make, on average, $183,000 to afford the average rent in Manhattan. I think a lot of those better-paying jobs in tech and finance were outsourced.

What's the answer? Shut it down and all of those people become homeless?

This city should not be governed by policies that make developers, property owners and real estate agents wealthy - they account for a very small minority. They've been allowed to destroy NYC, thanks to Bloomberg and his ilk.

Unfortunately, deBlaz seems just as clueless, living in his little Brooklyn bastion of civility.

Just wait until he unleashes all the basement apartments. Every basement in Queens will become a Hell Hotel overnight! Try parking then! Try finding your kid a seat in school then!