Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The crap stops here

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Queensboro Hill Flushing Civic Association announced plans Monday to attempt to stymie illegal development in neighborhoods.

Called Fight the Blight, the plan will allow residents concerned about overdevelopment on their streets to identify addresses of recent construction in the area.

Don Capalbi, civic president, made the announcement at a meeting of the Mid-Queens Community Council that includes 40 area organizations. He said that residents can provide the information at Fighttheblightqueens@gmail.com.

Capalbi will monitor the address and take pictures of the locations, which he will then forward to Jonathan Chung, chief of staff for Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing). Chung has agreed to spearhead the effort with City Planning.

“I’m not against development, but some of it is so egregious,” he said. “It then becomes more prevalent and ruins a neighborhood.”

Capalbi is also behind a proposal by the Queens Civic Congress to change the zoning for row houses that would limit occupancy to one family.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone who lives in NYC likes to live around crowds of people,.hence, that's the reason why most of us moved further away from the city and spend alot of our time traveling back and forth to work. Why cant these third world foreigners understand that? I'll only believe koo and Chung when I actually see action from them, after all, their fellow Asians are the ones responsible for destroying the nice one family houses in most parts of Queens just do they can move all of China/Korea into the house!

Joe Moretti said...

Sound like heading in the right direction, if it is actually put into effect and something actually gets done about this shit.

Anonymous said...

It's never to late to take action! We can still take back lots of neighborhoods with a little tweaking here and there! Neighborhoods have come around for the better many times in history and it is up to the residents to keep it up and moving out is not a solution. Working together demanding change from residents and these lazy, unjust politicians.