Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A curious collection

I was sent this image by a reader asking what I thought this was about. The plate was found left behind near a park in Woodside.

Someone on Reddit responded:

I'm guessing these ones are from a ritual focused on the Protector deities, as those are extensively performed at the end of the Tibetan year and today is Losar (New Years day), the first day of the wood horse year. After the ritual the tormas are usually disposed of where animals can eat them, to share the merit of the ritual with all beings.

Alrighty then. Let me remind the vibrant and diverse among us that your rituals are protected under the 1st Amendment, but your trash is not.


Anonymous said...

My religion dictates we burn crosses in front of houses of people who ruin our neighborhoods. isnt my religious beliefs protected? I promise to clean the ashes the next morning!

Anonymous said...

Yea, but you religion drives out democratic and their religion dives out republicans.

Anonymous said...

There's a park in Woodside??