Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When will the government-sponsored killing end?

From the NY Post:

The Port Authority killed 20,000 animals over the past two years — including three bird species deemed endangered or threatened, The Post has learned.

The agency shotgunned a northern harrier at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport — even though the hawk is endangered in the state, according to 2012-13 data obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

Teterboro’s shooters also zapped an American kestrel, a small falcon listed as threatened in New Jersey. And hunters at JFK Airport offed 11 ospreys, which are labeled as at-risk in New York.

But birds weren’t the only animals in the cross hairs: Tarmac hunters also killed four red foxes, 11 coyotes, 44 muskrats, 62 woodchucks and 11 white-tailed deer. Eighty-two eastern cottontail rabbits were killed at Newark and JFK airports, along with 44 black-tailed jack rabbits at JFK.


Joe Moretti said...

How about sponsored killing of useless and corrupt elected officials, that seems to be a much better use of tax payers money instead of killing innocent animals.

Anonymous said...

There are better ways of handling this than by copper jacketed lead.

Foxes, Coyotes, whitetails, muskrats and other critters can be trapped and released quite easily. The raptor population should be increased because they will eliminate the rabbits and other small varmints. Plus raptors do not fly in groups.

The geese and ospreys are another story. A skein of geese fly in a V formation, are quite large and can disable aircraft if sucked into an engine. The osprey, also a raptor, has a huge wingspan but is not as heavy as a goose. They still can cause damage.

Anonymous said...

I warned you several years ago when they started mass killing the hated geese, ducks, cormorants and swans, but everyone sat with their heads up their asses just as they'll do now. Since then I have left New York and you should too.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Joe. In addition to the politicians and their evil henchmen, lets add animal abusers to the mix and let them fight to the dealth gladiator-style.

Or better yet, for those Italian-Americans in the audience - let's really do it up Roman and have them eaten by lions!

And televise it! Go lions! Yay!!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely insane. I think PETA should get involved. These scumbag politicians using our money for acts such as these. There are more humane ways to deal with these issues. If only they were more strict with implementing 311, building laws and violations, highway,tree & graffiti maintenance and building esthetics.

Joe said...

Coyotes are brazen bastards that will kill pets, follow & size up small people if hungry enough.
I personally seen a pack of them come right into a roaring backyard party bite into and drag a 70+ lb pet pig over a 6 foot fence in California.
They are the worst non-human predator you can have getting comfortable in NYC kill them all !

Anonymous said...

it has been reported that the wind mill energy turbines have been killing eagles and many bird species for many years.
does the E.P.A. and environmentalists donors care ?