Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Katz happy with status quo in Jamaica

"I had a long conversation with Anne Marie Aboranian/constituents service at Melinda Katz/ Borough President's office on 2/28/14.

Sorry to inform residents/voters that we should not expect the B/P office to clean-up Jamaica unless we take extreme measures. WE WILL & WE MUST.

This woman holds a position to ensure services are rendered to solve the many neglected problems that team P/J and others continue to report. To my dismay, this woman does not even believe a problem exists.

Her main emphasis was enforcing the rights for homeless people and the band of law breakers. She and the liaison/La Mura share the same philosophy. I could not believe her obliviousness; however, she spoke with passion. This is the danger, she believes what she was saying.

I told her that it is very depressing especially, early in the morning on the way to work. Residents have to endure: seeing make-shift bedrooms on our sidewalks, stink smelling homeless people in the subway and on the trains.

She hinted that a investigation is being conducted. At that point, I asked her if she thinks that team P/J made up: the subway characters, the fleet of abandoned vehicles, the grime riddled trestle walls etc. She replied, no but.

After a pause she strayed into saying that every thing takes time and they cannot just remove these homeless people. She raised her voice and appeared offended when I told her that she does not have to live this horror every day and therefore does not understand.

She said that the B/P office is working "very hard" and reminded me that recently she contacted several agencies in an effort to help us. I replied that meetings and letters mean nothing if the problems remain the same.

In the end she could not give me a time frame as to when work will start." - Pamela Hazel


Anonymous said...

Jamaica has looked like crap for many years..... It's like the people that live there, don't care about thtired neighborhood (except for Joe's crew).....a neighborhood can not change if the people living in it are not willing to change. All of Jamaica and south Jamaica needs cleaning up and I'm not just talking about the nonmoving trash on the street, I am also talking about the moving trash on the streets the ones that walk and talk. This is the problem with most of Queens...... vibrant.......diverse.....and full of trash!

Anonymous said...

Try talking to Curtis. He seems to be the real boss at the BP office.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me he is not strutting around Borough Hall in the only clothes he has except the suit he wears to Court (probably rents that one).

Joe Moretti said...

Sure, a community will not change if you have trash people who just add to the problem. But when you have elected leaders and wasted Queens Borough President, who either do nothing or very little, then they just compound the problem as well and the community stays in that state or gets worse.

Anonymous said...

Trash people live like trash. Is anyone really that shocked?

Human waste makes human waste!

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the great news that hobos would be removed from the E train and how that didn't actually happen?

I was going into the city on Sunday and was happy that a train had pulled in as I got to the platform. It was a "local" E (weekend crap) and there were two bums stretched out on seats at one end, across from each other, stinking up the joint. Everyone else was crowded into the other half of the car. I decided it wasn't worth it and stepped off.
When can we have our trains back?

Anonymous said...

Her main emphasis was enforcing the rights for homeless people and the band of law breakers.

She doesnt give two shits for them anymore than most of the pols give two shits for all of you that bow and scrape everytime one of them enter the room.

HOWEVER, there are tweeder programs run by tweeders that needs lots of taxpayer money, so instead of cleaning up a place, pissing off the Democratic tweeded who might (gasp) move and alienate the tweeders who push for your elections, they keep the status quo.

It not only helps their home-boys, but keeps the pain in the ass Republican leaning quality of life bastards out of your district.