Sunday, September 9, 2012

Willets Point landowners sue for legal fee reimbursement

From NY1:

When the city announced its redevelopment plans for Willets Point eight years ago it didn't rule out using eminent domain to seize the land from property owners who refused to sell. So some of those landowners sued to stop that from happening. It turned into a costly legal battle.

Business and property owners say they've shelled out more than a million dollars in legal and expert fees for a case that never happened. The city withdrew its claim of eminent domain in May. Now the landowners are suing to get that money back.

"It's Eminent Domain procedure law section 702 and it says if the city abandons condemnation then the property owners are entitled to get reimbursed," said Willets Point United Attorney Michael Rikon.


Anonymous said...


Crucify Shulman and company
with lawsuits up their asses 'til their noses bleed!

I'll bet that Wellington Chen is having one of his classic hissy fits now that WP won't be developed by his good pa;s at TDC.

It doesn't look like Mike Meyers at TDC is getting anywhere with Flushing Commons either.

Dr Fu Manchu has been defeated.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that "granny" Shulman
will spend her last days wearing an orange jump suit?

I think the cow wants some milk.
She certainly can't give any locked up in a cell.

Anonymous said...

to the land owners,
dont give up

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of Willets Point owners as a citizen of Queens. Proud to call them fellow citizens!

I try to explain to Mets fans in NJ what these owners are doing. They don't get it!!!