Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are we nuts?

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

Will the people in the 7th Congressional District be so stupid as to re-elect Congressman Crowley, who lives 600 miles away in Arlington, Va.? That move speaks volumes about what he thinks of Queens and the Bronx. If they do, I guess P.T. Barnum was right about a sucker born every minute.

Hugh McCaul
Middle Village

Lots of suckers in Queens... Look how many of them voted for Bloomberg 3 times!
Does Crowley even have an opponent?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

RU kidding?

Those people are dumb enough to elect and re-elect Donald P. Duck president of the USA!

Ever hear the expression, "Dumb as a Democrat"?

Anonymous said...

"Ever hear the expression, 'Dumb as a Democrat'?"

You mean like "retarded as a Republican?"

They're both awful.

Anonymous said...

Arlington is only 250 miles away from Queens.

Queens Crapper said...

Oh, well then I guess it's ok that he lives there.

Anonymous said...

Dead possum can get elected, he just needs a capital D behind his name.

Anonymous said...

d.i.n.o. like their nys politicians in jail and congressmen , out of town.

yes ,they are pay the highest taxes in the nation. and $4.30 per gal. of gas, when they paid $1.85 before they elected obama.

Anonymous said...

Time for Virginia Joe To GO. This guy has too much power -- just like Sheldon Silver. Let's shake things up and try someone new. Send this political hack packing.

Anonymous said...

Does Crowley even have an opponent?

I don't live in his district, but my advice - even if he doesn't have an opponent, either write someone in or do not vote for him. Would he be embarrassed if he only gets 47 votes in a Congressional election?

Anonymous said...

But in Queens most voters are Democrat
and DUMB as dirt!

Then you've got the likes of that 'ol walrus Ragusa...followed by that demented self appointed God, Halloran.

Republican or Democrat the voters well deserve what they get.

As soon as a colony opens up on Mars...I'm buying a bungalow there!

Anonymous said...

That's all right...
Ackerman has a houseboat on the Potomac.

Now that he's retiring....
maybe he'll cut it loose and do a slow boat to China visit.

After all, he's the crooked pol that's been selling us out to his Asiatic benefactors!