Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who is poisoning the Elmhurst kitties?

From WPIX:

Stray cats have been turning up dead, baffling an Elmhurst man, who's been caring for them for years.

"There used to be 12 or 13, now there are nine sometimes three," according to David Taylor, Vice President of Yoga Gupta Ashram.

The feline caretaker has turned his backyard on 51st Avenue into a playground. But, he says a few weeks ago, it went from backyard to graveyard when dead cats began showing up -- some at his front door.

"They are dead they are stiff when we find them, and we find them in unusual places," Taylor explained.

Taylor and others on the block are sad and upset about the deaths and believe the cats are being poisoned. "We suspect these animals are killed, slaughtered or poisoned," adding they've called 311 and the police.


FluShing Rezident said...

Same thing happened at the NYC Parks Triangle at 164th Street & 27th Ave in the heart of North Flooshing.

An elderly couple fed a neutered feral colony.

It is thought that the new owners of the house put out poison and killed the entire colony - kittens included!

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
― Immanual Kant

Anonymous said...

The feline caretaker has turned his backyard on 51st Avenue into a playground

If you love the cats so much, than take them in!

Why do cat people think its OK to only be half responsible???

Queens Crapper said...

Because they're feral cats and won't allow him to.

Joe said...

The police or the local PCT captain are completely stupid or KNOW exactly whats going but are being told to keep quiet.

I have farm animals in Southold and know about this stuff.
I'm 99% sure these cats are ingesting food deliberately laced with rat poison. Cats wont eat rat pellets so the stuff is being deliberated ground up and placed in food.

Most rat poisons use hemorrhagic chemicals like larfarin or coumadin. These chemicals disable the animals blood clotting agent (Vitaman K).
A cat will begin to bleed or get infected from its nose, mouth and sinus cavities first. (this the distorted faces)
The cat then vomits the poison back through the mouth, can no longer eat
By this time it is too late for treatment its a very slow death for the cat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the MO info Joe.

Anonymous said...

The cats have a caretaker feeding them and likely established territory so they wouldn't be going very far in search of food or hunting. Whoever is doing this is somebody who lives VERY close or has access to the area
---were talking shouting distance.

Forget the cops they have no budget to blow on detectives on an animal case Queens.
The people will have to do some stakeouts find and "deal with" the asshole on their own.

Anonymous said...

it's one thing to feed stray & feral cats, it's another thing to pick up their shit and take them to be neutered so there aren't more feral cats.

could it be possum, raccoons or wild dogs that are killing the cats? If you haven't had an autopsy done, how can you really know for sure how they died?

At first glance, feeding outdoor cats seems like such a kind thing to do it. It's not for your neighbors who might not like to smell cat shit or have to keep picking it out of their garden.

Anonymous said...

A man on 71 st. & Eliot Ave. use to kill the cats. What goes around comes around. I watch him all the time. He is not a happy man . Yes, this is so sad & sick. IF you know who is doing it, send them letters in the mail, call them on the phone, scare them until they stop! We must join together and stop!!!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, there was a man on 71st. & Eliot Ave. He was killing the cats. He was a very unhappy man and still is. This happened many years ago and he is still an unhappy man! So sick! I had to many problems at the time to deal with him. Today, I would confront him any way I could. Maybe, in person, by mail, by phone. We must take a stand, we must fight--- the wrong doers---together we can make a difference! So Sorry!!!