Sunday, September 9, 2012

Millstones to get marked

From the Queens Chronicle:

The public will soon know the historical significance of the two Colonial-era stones embedded in Queens Plaza, with the installation of plaques, said a Parks Department spokesman.

The 250-foot-wide triangular plaza at the base of the Queensboro Bridge at the junction of Northern and Queens boulevards is filled with flowers, grass, walking paths, benches and the two historical landmarks — the millstones. The busy Queens Plaza gets substantial foot traffic from the surrounding businesses, and employees from large employers such as JetBlue and the city’s Department of Heath located in the vicinity frequent the outdoor space.

“I’ve never noticed them,” one woman from the DOH said last Friday afternoon while sitting in the plaza.

The Economic Development Corp. was in charge of putting the stones in their new home, but the city’s Parks Department is taking the lead on signage. Plaques that describe the historical importance of the millstones will be submitted to the Public Design Committee this fall, a Parks Department spokesman said, with the hopes that they will be in the plaza by the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that they filled in the center holes
in these millstones.

A pair of colorful locals
might have used them as toilet seats to take a dump!

Joe said...

Absolutely disgusting. The millstones would be better off used as a toilet seats. This process actually damaged them. Its also one of sloppiest jobs I eve seen. I cant believe they used cheap dry asphalt cement. The proper way would have been a bronze or even cement plug anchored into a footing.

My niece could have done a better job and she's only 12

Anonymous said...

Assign blame where it is due.

Thank Queen's septic civic culture for permitting this.

The few that gave lip service through gritted teeth did everything they could to ignore the Dutch Kill Advocacy group once they discovered that EDC and City Planning was behind this..

They could have been saved, but everyone used it as an opportunity to get some ice cream money to keep their mouth shut or undercut the community's effort to save them.

Every politician, every community board, in short, anyone that mattered turned their back on the community.

Go back a read the news coverage of this - before taxpayer's money was spent and they were drilled into and stuffed with grout.

Indeed, the local pols used this issue as an excuse to reward - and punish - those that did not go along with Planning and EDC.

Goes a long way explaining why Queens is the way it is ... and the other four boroughs the way they are....

Anonymous said...

lets see how many thousands of dollars this will take, that's just for the research and design phase and then they will need to fund it through the capital budget probably take $500,000.00 and schedule installation in 2030

Fred Flintstone said...

Yabba, dabba, doo!

My vehicle could use a new pair of wheels...
I'm gonna grab this pair and put 'em on.

Anonymous said...

Queens is a laughable borough....
peopled by idiots who actually have the right
to vote....and their pols aren't much smarter
than they are.

You only need a handful of street smarts
in this low IQ part of the city, to be able to lord it over your constituents.

Maybe literacy tests were a good idea

Let's face it folks...
Norman Lear knew exactly who he was writing about when he created that iconic TV show,
"All In The Family"!

E pluribus dumb-dumb!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Do I have to apologize,
when I tell strangers that I live in Queens?

When a visitor first laid eyes on my neighborhood
he was very surprised--
"I thought that everything in Queens looked like
Archie Bunker's block".

Anonymous said...

Jerry -

I don't disagree with you at all, but look out from the J or A trains of the the AirTrain on either side of the Van Wyck Expressway and see how many houses lokk like Archie Bunker's house (and the Jefferson's house as well!). It seems like there are thousands of them!!!

Anonymous said...

off topic

Queens symbol: Ostrich with head in ground.