Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another avoidable death at construction site

From WPIX:

Investigators are focusing on a delivery of cinderblocks as being the cause of a steel roof collapse at a Fort Greene construction site.

Officials say a 67 year old worker died, after falling 40 feet to basement. It happened around 9 this morning before work even started on the site.

"It was clear the floor the blocks were delivered on were not structurally stable and could not handle the load," said Department of Buildings commissioner, Robert LiMandari.

Officials say five workers were on the interior roof of the half built building when the blocks were delivered. Without warning, the roof caved in. Three workers jumped to an adjoining building. A second worker who fell to the basement is recovering from his injuries at Kings County hospital.


Anonymous said...

Notice almost all of these accidents are caused by barely competent non-union labor?

Anonymous said...

Carlton Avenue is a block of landmarked properties...Had Landmarks PC given approval for construction?

Anonymous said...

The professional responsible for the structural design has never worked on a multi-story new building: his only other DoB new building filing was a single story cinder-block commercial structure.

I'd like to know if the Dept of Buildings plan examiner was licensed? -DoB doesn't think that's important at any level: commissioner or plan examiners.

Anonymous said...

LiMandri sucks as Commissioner. Totally useless.

Nothing has changed at the DOB. So much for the "New" initiatives and enhanced enforcement.

What does the Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement ? Enforce. You can't help but ask.

Anonymous said...

No DOB nore ECB violations for this incident nor prior complaints.

Anonymous said...

What is a 67 year old doing working at a construction site?