Monday, September 10, 2012

An accident waiting to happen

Hi Crappy,

I live just south of Northern Blvd. and a few blocks west of the Cross Island Parkway. A part of Northern Boulevard was repaved in July. Well here it is September and “they”, whoever is responsible for it, still has not repainted lanes, resulting in confused drivers, especially where it’s 3 lanes eastbound and westbound between the Cross Island and Alameda Street. I called Halloran’s office about a month ago. The middle lanes and exit ramps from the CIP were repainted, but not the travel lanes. This is also on the Hutchinson River Parkway for about a ¼ or a ½ a mile in the Bronx. What gives with these incomplete repaving projects? Who’s responsible? Where is the concern for traffic safety? I hate playing “guess the lane” with sometimes incompetent drivers on Northern Blvd. I think it’s time to call in the big guns, whoever they are.

Thanks, Crappy!

Ms. Tsouris

This just in from Janette Sadik-Khan: "Sorry, we used up all the paint on bike lanes."

But seriously, when a school bus full of kids heading to Alley Pond Environmental Center gets into an accident because of this, it will make for great press for all those involved - and not involved.


Anonymous said...

The lack of painted lines exposes the real problem; that so many people are incompetent behind the wheel and it is way too easy for anyone to get a license.

Anonymous said...

While the mayor is queering off on islands our basic infrastructure is being neglected. This is like a bad game of Sims city.

Joe said...

Just happened today.
A young well dressed Asian woman took a traffic light out.
I couldnt beleive the amount of damage to the car, it was totaled. The front passenger corner of the car was the front passenger door. The woman was fine and appeared to be arguing and making hand gestures to the police.

The same thing happened on Communiety drive & Northern last week...again a young well dressed Asian woman. Perhaps the DMV needs better road and eyesight testing.

Ms. Tsouris said...

The point is, where are our municipal leaders involved in this rather basic capital project? Why can't it just get done? Thanks for the post, Crappy! Maybe one of our so called representatives will see it and respond? I doubt it. So far all I see are comments about crappy driving. I'm concerned that this situation exacerbates the problems caused by crappy driving. The DOT owes us at least a painted line that's not a bike lane. I hope the latter does not appear on Northern Blvd.

Anonymous said...

"where are our municipal leaders"

First off Its only Queens ! Most are having lunch & Dinner at the US open or Terrace on the Park with your tax dollars, taking annual trips to Italy to study terrazzo floor repairs for the New York State pavilion ad apt buildings.
The mayor his appointees only see Manhattan as "New York City"
Manhattan is where all the $$ and resources go. This clueless woman (Sadik Khan) causig all the the problems is from San Fransisco. She shouldn't even have this job !!
This is New York Not NOT California where you have a different mindset and elevated 12 lane highways through almost all its neighborhoods.
Her and the mayor (from Bermuda and Boston) need to go, till then your SCREWED !!!
No local politicians dare cross the mayor or any of his friends. The mayor has billions $$$ invested in the the media and will DESTROY anybody who gets in his way !
Lay people who haven't worked in TV and radio don't understand this. The mayor made his billions on creating computer software and multi media networking including multimedia keyboards with speakers and microphones. (and retains most of it licensing for use) Bloomberg is god to new's (TV, Radio and Print)organizations in several major markets who will never dare cross him.
You can thank Bill Clintons putting his pen to the Telecommunications act of 1995 without reading it for this (de-regulation)

Joe said...

Time to call Cosmo Kramer. He'll paint those lines for the city. Maybe he will even convert those 3 cramped lanes into 2 spacious lanes for drivers to enjoy. Please be patient while he paints the lines with a roller and paint pan......Oh, try not to let any sewing machines fall off your vehicle afterward.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened when a portion of wood haven blvd was repaved last month, no lines for a week or two

Anonymous said...

The bike lane quip is classic!