Monday, October 3, 2011

Does this stink or what?

From Crains:

Two of the area's most powerful developers and a real estate firm controlled by the owners of the Mets are among the firms that submitted proposals for the right to redevelop Willets Point, real estate and political sources said.

The Related Companies has teamed up with Sterling Equities, which is controlled by Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, to submit a proposal to redevelop the 12.75 acres included in the project's first phase, the sources said. Silverstein Properties, which is building three towers at the World Trade Center site, also threw its hat into the ring. None of the firms would comment. A real estate source said Sterling had teamed up on bids with more than one firm.

The Queens-based Times Ledger reported last month that Flushing-based TDC Development also made a bid.

City officials would not say how many proposals they received by last month's deadline, but indicated they were satisfied with the quantity and quality of the submissions. Twenty-nine firms were eligible to submit bids, based on an earlier qualifying round. Among those firms, the Westfield Group, the Richman Group of New York, Edward J. Minskoff Equities and Hamlin Ventures confirmed they did not submit bids.

“After receiving multiple responses for the first phase of development, we are another step closer to the new Willets Point,” a spokeswoman for the city's Economic Development Corp. said.

Hey remember when I told you about Wilpon's windfall 2 years ago? He already has dibs on taxpayer-owned lots B and D without having had to submit an RFP, but he wants Willets Point as well? He should be happy he survived Ponzi schemes, bankruptcy and having to sell off part of the team.

"Sterling had teamed up on bids with more than one firm"... I bet they did.


Anonymous said...

This stealing peoples land and businesses to convey to all the mayors friends is criminal!
That placing bids thing is just a sham to make it look official.

Anonymous said...

We've already learned that Wilpon has promised Claire Shillman a burial plot at home plate for her complicity in this con job.

Slide Claire....slide!'re out!

Anonymous said...

Hey remember when I told you about Wilpon's windfall 2 years ago? He already has dibs on taxpayer-owned lots B and D without having had to submit an RFP, but he wants Willets Point as well?

The City should freeze Sterling's interest in this property until they rectify some of the issues that are currently outstanding, circling them. These guys are really shady and must come to terms paying back their victims and we have already funded their Citifield stadium which now appears to be a financial albratross to taxpayers and fans.

Anonymous said...

Who was the last really good Mayor NYC has had, Fiorello LaGuardia?

Anonymous said...

We don't have enough money for police, the classrooms are overflowing, our roads and parks are falling apart, but we have billions to abuse eminent domain and give developers land to overburden the infrastructure even more.

Only in this stupid ass city. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% against the redevelopment of Willets Point by imminent domain however I was wondering if anyone actually ever brought their car over there to get fixed? I always figured I'd come back and see my car on one of the unkempt dirt roads on cinder blocks and the guys I left it with gone forever.

Anyone have good experiences there? I do need some car work done, preferably cheap heh.

Anonymous said...

The Willets Point automotive businesses are capable of very good work. Some of them are run by master mechanics with 35 years experience. Just pay attention to the signs on the shops to ensure that you are dealing with a business whose expertise relates to whatever you need done.

Anonymous said...

At least Wellington Z. Chen's good buddies at "TDC" will be locked it won't be named "Wellington Pointe" anymore.

You can bet that outraged W. Zhou Chen is stomping around the floor in tight little circles in his Little Neck home living room.

Imagine if the Chinese had gotten the contract?

More shoddy shit in the world!

Anonymous said...

Of course it all stinks....
and it's not just the stench of decrepit 'ol Shulman that's wafting on the wind!

CB 7 took their royal dump there!

Maybe Chuck and Gene should register as real estate agents.

They've been selling out Flushing without a license for years!

These land brokers broke the whole damn area and belong in jail!

Anonymous said...

When crooked "granny" Shulman finally kicks the bucket...let's build a floating mausoleum and inter her on the "fragrant" Flushing Creek where she belongs.

If she should wind up finishing her "term" as director of the Willets Point project in prison...bury her bovine carcass in her orange jump suit after she croaks...the unholy cow!