Monday, August 1, 2011

The streets of Glendale or Venice?

From the Times Newsweekly:

Every time a heavy rain hits Glendale, John Iwanciw realizes that he’ll need to clear away a small pond at his doorstep once the last drops have fallen.

For the last four years, the 34-year resident of 69th Street has been dealing with a flooded sidewalk after periods of heavy rain. The large puddle blocks most of the driveway he shares with a neighbor and reaches the top of the last step of his front stoop.

Normally, storm runoff flows down the curb to an awaiting catch basin. But the resurfacing of his block conducted several years ago made the street grade higher than that of the sidewalk, Iwanciw claimed, resulting in the chronic ponding condition in front of his home.

A cherry blossom tree in front of the residence died and was recently cut down; Iwanciw blamed its demise on the regular flooding, which oversaturated the tree pit.

The Times Newsweekly contacted the DEP for an update on the situation. Spokesperson Mercedes Padilla told this paper on Tuesday, [July] 19, that the DEP launched its capital project to repair multiple catch basins last month, and that a catch basin will be installed in front of the Iwanciw home.

And when would that be? I can imagine what happened on that block this past Friday night...

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Anonymous said...

I know that block, and the water that collects there. The only solution i can see if they add a mid-block catch basin near/at that location.

the sidewalk is low, the street is high, and there is almost no pitch heading to the corner (its very flat).