Monday, August 1, 2011

Company gets permission from city to cut down trees

From LIQCity:

This is the classic battle in urban areas between community and commercial interests. Trees in the park are clearly for public enjoyment and comfortability, but these ones (which were BEAUTIFUL by the way) are blocking a commercial sign. How the sign company was able to get a permit from the city to cut down the city’s own trees for their benefit is actually quite impressive, but at the end of the day of course the community loses.

And this is not the only arboricide happening in LIC. From the same link, regarding Queens Plaza:

All the newly planted trees were full with leaves and the place was transformed. But the NYC Parks Department seems to have forgetten that new and large transplanted trees need regular watering. Over 25 trees as tall as 16 feet were counted with crispy, dead leaves and this is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars for a Department that must know better. Each tree costs several thousand dollars and it doesn’t matter even if the contractor is required to replace any dead trees. Taxpayers will pay for it next time as just a cost of doing business.


Jerry Rotondi said...

It's apparently OK for the Bloomberg administration to continue wasting taxpayers' dollars.

It's us poor slobs who are their money trees!

Just shake our branches and dig deeper into our pockets to pay the tab for Mike's many mistakes!

I'll bet a lot of you voters who gave hizzoner his 3rd term are a more than a little sorry right now.

In the meantime, we're stuck with an aloof, elitist, megalomaniac until his term is over.

Too bad we can't fast forward time as easily as a DVD disc!

Anonymous said...

Wait till the landscaping at Queens Plaza is finished and attention is drawn elsewhere.

Get a nice winter of salt on that wonderful planting followed by lack of maintenance.

Oh yes, a magic marker jot is found on found on the millstones will give license to poke fun at a whole lot of people.

again and again and again ....

Anonymous said...

When they put the new exit off of the Whitestone bridge to 14th ave. to avoid disturbing those poor people in Malba, the State will destroy hundreds of trees. But that's for progress; Right?

Anonymous said...

Those Malba mafiosi deserve it!

Ba fong coolo!

Anonymous said...

This is the second time those trees were hacked in 3 years. The first time they managed to come back to health, how they did, I do not know, because the pruning was so severe and done with total incompetence and not at the base of each trunk the way it's suppose to, but haphazardly in the middle of the trunk, exactly the way it has been done again. It seems the same contractor did it now. It must be their "style".

Hopefully they will bounce back to life again. It is a shame that this city's departments are overwrought with incompetence today and there is no oversight by professionals, and jobs are not bidded out the correct way, but usually just handed over to same crooks. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, all with the help of our taxes.

Bloomberg has really stuck it to us and we deserve it for not voting him out and being complacent and accepting this travesty of justice of a billionaire buying himself into public office and giving the city over to private interests.

Never again.