Monday, August 1, 2011

Dirtbags hunting wildlife in Prospect Park

From The Brooklyn Paper:

Cops have busted a group of oddball poachers in Prospect Park — a band of vagrants that was trapping and eating ducks, squirrels and pigeons.

Parks officers wrote four tickets — two for killing wildlife and two for illegal fishing — totaling $2,100 in fines during a two-day period last week.

The city would not immediately release details of the incidents, which occurred on July 17 and 18 — just days after park-goers told rangers about a “Beverly Hillbillies”-like scene on the southeast side of the lake, near the ice skating rink.

The disheveled — and possibly homeless — tribe in question uses “makeshift” fishing poles and traps to catch the critters, then grills them over the fire, according to park watchdogs.


FlooshingRezident said...

So - homeless people were ticketed for KILLING WILDLIFE in a city park?????

How about roasting these guys over a fire?

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans get their way - all the senior citizens will be joining them . . .

Anonymous said...

Illegals? Or just "undocumented"?

Anonymous said...

An elderly guy me during the depression he and his brothers would trap birds for dinner all the time - in Brooklyn. They were probably disheveled, but weren't homeless.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the future of NYC!

Anonymous said...

At least they are hunting for survival and not just for sport.

Anonymous said...

At least they are eating them and not just gassing them so you can fly the skys yourself, birdless!

Auntie Invasion said...

for all you know they're selling them to Chinese restaurants and Taco stands. eat up.... me heartys.

Anonymous said...

"If the Republicans get their way - all the senior citizens will be joining them . . ."

If the tweeding Queens Dems gwet their way, we'll all be living like that!

Anonymous said...

In the 1960's I used to hunt pheasant and rabbit in Lutheran, Mount Olivet, John's, Mount Neboh and other cemeteries. We were kids and used home made bows and arrows. We cleaned and roasted them over an open fire in the cemetery.

We also saw the cemetery workers do the same. They would take them in the morning and eat them for lunch.

Joe said...

This problem is getting worse all over.

Two years ago an elderly Asian woman was chasing a large white duck with a machete in Manhasset bay park.

Last fall the Mextizo Chupracabras from the church tents in Riverhead hike-bike the LIRR track on full moons.
They tried to steal my chickens and made off with some tomatos & figs in Mattituck twice.


Anonymous said...

"Caw, blimey....shoot the bloody poachers"!

Many a British lord's game warden carried a special poaching gun.

They were weapons that fired shot that "chewed up" poaching trespassers on his estate.

I propose we return to this practice regarding these sub-humans!

Joe said...

"poaching gun"
They have these on Shinnecock and Robins Island.
Poachers kept rowing out into the Peconic preserves from the woods in South Hampton.
Both the private security on Robins Island or Shinnecock Indians will shoot ya right in the ass, leg or boat with a salt-gun without a heartbeats hesitation.

Ever see a group of Frito Bandito's paddling like Matt Hooper in a sinking 2 man rubber boat ?

Anonymous said...

Those old time Brits
didn't use salt in their blunderbusses.

They used shot,
which is even better Joe!

A poacher could lose a bloomin' leg!

Lupo said...

Has anyone ever read the short story entitled, "The most Dangerous Game" where the hunter gets hunted?

Close the park gates....give these poachers a 5 minute head start....and turn loose a brace of hungry wolves.

Con carne without the chili for supper....yummy!