Friday, August 5, 2011

Shady Astoria realtor going to jail?

From Fox 5:

It looks like an Astoria, Queens, real estate salesman, Phivos Iannou, also known as Phil, who already is in the Fox 5 Hall of Shame since 2010 for scamming apartment hunters, may finally be forced out of business.

Arnold Diaz reports that the law has caught up with this hustler -- again.

Collecting above and beyond the rent

Astoria realtor scam exposed on TV

Shady realtor operating under new name


Auntie Invasion said...

welcome to the vibrant diverse community! brought to you by sleazy immigrants. can they do this where they come from?

did anyone check his record in his country of origin?

Anonymous said...

Its Astoria - near Tony Bennett Blvd. (23 Ave) yo! yo! yo!

(Is is true, as rumor has it, that Tony only shows up when $ are involved, and the planned Ethel Merman High School became Frank Sinatra cause he was a Rat Pack wannabe and the Vallones went along with it?)

Astoria: That's the Ticket! said...

As the city changes around us Astoria is one community that resists gentrification.

It is simply amazing community of power plants and rotten utilities, of rapidly growing population and backup sewage plants, knuckle dragging black car drivers and tricked up Mazdas. A community of shadowy Mexicans hiding in basements, sullen men smoking hookas, trashy Island kids coming back to grandma's neighborhood looking like Jersey Shore extras, and a political landscape that resembles oily goo.

The only change are cute private homes are slowly being ripped down for too big buildings of ugly design - not unlike the wives of local developers who try to shimmy in pants several sizes too small and wear jewerly and hair that is several decades too late.

Anonymous said...

He reminds me of half the Community Board and what passes for many of the 'civic leaders' in that neck of the woods.