Friday, August 5, 2011

Huang gets death discount from OSHA

From the Queens Gazette:

Troubled developer Thomas Huang last month agreed to fork over $26,400 to resolve a series of safety violations uncovered during an investigation into a deadly construction accident that left a 26-year-old worker dead and three others seriously injured in Elmhurst on January 10.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined Huang’s H-Rock Corporation $38,000 for serious violations of workplace safety standards, at a job site at 85-02 Queens Blvd. that caused the death of Hedilberto Sanchez.

Construction crews at the site were working on a one-story cinderblock wall measuring 65-feet long and 20-feet high when workers began pouring concrete, authorities said. The wall collapsed, releasing scaffolding and sending the workers tumbling into the rubble.

Four men were taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center where Sanchez was pronounced dead on arrival. Three other workers – including Sanchez’ brother, were treated for fractures, trauma and other serious injuries.

The fine was reduced to $26,400 after Huang agreed to a settlement on June 30, OSHA spokesperson John Chavez said.


Anonymous said...

I see he's got on his T.C.B. glasses..

Anonymous said...

Question: What do you call it when you kill people?

Answer: Murder.

A convicted felon and now a murderer. Chuck this piece of shit in jail along with his protector, Gary Ackerman.

Gary A said...

How's it Huanging?

Anonymous said...

How's it Huanging?


Like a rice krispie!

He thinks big, but that's about it!

Anonymous said...

yikes he's ugly!!! seems we're letting all sorts of mutants into this country..too sad, too sad.

Anonymous said...

I hope Sanchez's family can raise enough money to put out a contract on Huang....maybe through the MS 13 gang.

That's the only way justice will ever be served regarding this criminal sociopath.

Considering an Asiatic slime-ball murdered a hard working Latino, they might be willing to do the deed gratis.

Anonymous said...

Teflon Tommy walks again!

I'm not at all surprised.

Anonymous said...

What are T.C.B. glasses, please?

Anonymous said...

Sterilize the whole Huang family so they can't produce any more bad seeds!

You've still got his sons Henry, John and his aughter Tiffany to deal with after daddy's long gone.

And wait until they have kids.

Anonymous said...

Not until Ackerman croaks,
will we ever be rid of this congressman/crook!

Anonymous said...

If Huang ever tried to get away with murdering anyone else but a poor Latino immigrant, he'd be already taking his dirt nap!

Anonymous said...

I walked past the old RKO Keith's the other day and couldn't believe the mess it was in.
Why can't the local businesses demand the current owner paint the facade of the structure so it isn't as much of an eyesore as it is now? A couple hundred bucks of paint would do wonders.

Jerry Rotondi, said...

That ugly mug shot has got to be
at least 20+ years old,
at about the time he wrecked the RKO Keith's auditorium!

Anonymous said...

RU kidding?

Local, mostly Oriental, businesses don't give a crap about their own stores let alone an American landmark.

These unsanitary Asiatics would use it as a toilet....and probably have while Huang owned it.

It's gone with the wind....and so has the town.

And it ain't coming back for a re-run either.

Anonymous said...

maybe Chris Kellberg has found someone willing to convert it back into a theater.

Check out his Facebook page.

Do you think it's a trifle ludicrous?

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's smelling shit in that OLD photo.

Maybe his cousin-in-law. Johnny liu, got his ass off the hook this time? But it was probably Ackerman and the Queens Dems.

Crooks, felons, bank robbers and murderers. They all belong in Jail.

Anonymous said...

Relax everybody! Pretty soon Tommy will be coming to a development site near you. Why don't you all run out and hug a politician in your district.

Vick Timm said...

HEY! That's the waiter who spit in my egg drop soup!!!

Anonymous said...

Flushing will not get a "Happy Ending" !

Anonymous said...

OSHA Investigative Report says that Henry & John Huang were instructed by their attorney to take the 5th.

They took it!

Way to go Alice & Tommy.

Anonymous said...

""Huang has been charged numerous times since 1990 for ignoring building codes and zoning regulations, operating shoddy projects and damaging neighboring properties during construction projects.""


And the NYC Department of Buildings continues to allow him to build. Why?

He's paying somebody. He always does.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! what a surprise Huang got a discount from OSHA!!!! Im sure someone in OSHA got more then 26,ooo in theie bank acount. OSHA doesn't seem to be doing their job. ther are a lot of safety issues that are not being addressed. How about some school kitchens where people are being told to cook on stoves you have to light with a match and have no sprinkle system in case of fire,never mind if a worker gets burned. how about OSHA starts doing their job!!!!!!