Thursday, June 17, 2010

Many Dems shy away from Cuomo reform pledge

From the Village Voice:

Andrew Cuomo, New York's likely next governor, has made it known that fellow Democratic office seekers should sign onto a single-page pledge to reform Albany if they expect to win his endorsement for this fall's election. But only two of his hopeful AG successors, Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice and attorney Sean Coffey, have chosen to do so, and there is similar hesitation elsewhere on the ticket.

From the sound of things, Cuomo may not have an easy go at collecting endorsements from the other candidates on the statewide Democratic ticket either. New York's two sitting senators were noncommittal when their offices were contacted by the Voice.

[Comptroller Tom] DiNapoli's dodging may mean his allegiance lies with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, also a Democrat but whom Cuomo has clearly targeted in his call to reform Albany. "I don't sign anybody's pledge," Silver told the media in response to the challenge.


Anonymous said...

What's up with this pledge? Is this guy kidding or what ? He is already stumbling with his own party already - what a joke this guy is already made to appear before the public? Sheldon Silver is a snarky snake who exists to insure he is a toll taker to extract a price and energy from anyone trying to reasonably get something done in Albany. The only way to see him go is if he goes out on a stretcher. What a shame to see this circus play out throughout the decades. The voters are the biggest losers with these guys around.

The Westchester News said...

Andrew Cuomo is no different than Barack Obama, promises, promises, promises, they're gonna create jobs...LOL

Let me talk straight, I think what I am saying is when it comes to these politicians, one is a do-uche and the other is a do-uche bag.

Andrew Cuomo is an organizer, Mr. Organized Crime or should we call him Mr. Albany, isn't he a has been in Albany for 30 years? 30 years is a longtime of nothing, in fact it's too long.

Andrew Cuomo, can take off his clean cut mask now because we know he's really a white collar criminal who belongs behind bars with the best of them.

Politicians like this, will look the other way, while terrorist carry bombs into buildings, and terrorist contaminate our waters, and then they’ll call it a disaster and tell us funding is on its way. This country has been stuck in the sh-tter for a very longtime and all us Americans ever do is recycle the sh-t around the country in rotation. Father, Son, Father, Son, Father, Son, Brother, Cousin, Sister, round and round we go. I think you get the picture.

These Politicians will do anything for cash, and so will the organizations that endorse them. I love when I see these politicians on TV and they give a speech promising to send funding to a disaster, but, that doesn’t fix any of these problems in America.

Public Corruption is a serious crime, and whoever is not doing their job to get these white collar thugs indicted, should be considered a terrorist with authority and a threat to our homeland security. Get all these Democrats and dirty Politicians out of Albany, they're all corrupt!

Look under the carpets and mattresses in Albany, and you'll find all the evidence you need to indict all the politicians in Albany, all of them, all these political parties definitely need to be indicted, on public corruption charges. They have violated New Yorkers right to vote, by fixing Elections and selling political seats in back room deals at the highest bid.

New Yorkers votes don't count, and the truth is that very few New Yorkers come out to Vote. Political Parties create phony names for voters, and then, they send bogus people out there to vote on Election Day, year after year. How about the people that do vote on Election Day and on absentees, I bet they don’t exist either. All the poll watchers, political parties, board of elections, they all play the same game, over and over, year after year.

Did you notice that no one has to show their picture ID drivers license when they vote? Did you ever ask yourself, why isn’t Andrew Cuomo proposing that it be mandate to show your drivers license when you vote on Election Day?

Albany should be shut down, and every politician should be investigated and interrogated to the fullest extent of the law.

These New York Politicians have violated the public's trust, and they should all be indicted, and the Federal Government should take over Albany.

Andrew Cuomo is a dirty politician, and he is not good enough to be the Governor Of New York State, he’s a white collar thug.

Even if he gets endorsements, it's all smoke and mirrors, it just means a leader like Hitler endorsed him.

There are only two types of people destroying this earth, the terrorist and the politicians.

The Westchester News.Com

Anonymous said...


Lino said...

The Westchester News said...
Get all these Democrats and dirty Politicians out of Albany, they're all corrupt!"

-And replace them with those squeaky-clean republicans that ran upstate into the ground for over 45 years.

What a fool you are.

Helen said...

Here's hoping that New York won't be fooled by Cuomo...again