Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apparently we have money to extend the High Line

From the NY Post:

More High Line is on the way.

With 2 million people having visited Manhattan's park in the sky since it opened last June, officials at the elevated green space say they're now on track to complete a new, second section of the High Line in time for an opening next spring.

During a tour of the new section, stretching from 20th to 30th streets, enough of the construction has been completed to visualize the array of quirky new landscapes and attractions that will extend High Line Park to a full mile in length.

The most over-the-top feature begins at 25th Street, where work has begun on a "Woodland Flyover" that will lift park-goers 15 feet above the old rail trestle through a stand of magnolia trees.

Sounds nice. Who's paying for this considering the Friends of the High Line couldn't foot the bill for the first section as they had promised?


Anonymous said...

NYC Gov cannot finish the Elmhurst Tanks park after 3 years, now they come up with this folly? I hope they raise money to maintain the highline as I believe this will prove to be an albatross financially.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the Queens delegation to City Council to complain - as well as Queens Civic Congress.

Queens Crap has already established that our representatives are not bringing home the bacon, on a per capta basis, everyone (except for developers) in the borough are being shortchanged.

Outside of lip service by Marshall, no one seems to care.

Anonymous said...

We should just cut open the fence and invade Elmhurst Tanks park.

Anonymous said...

Where else will the liberals enjoy their Starbucks and read the NYT on a Sunday morning. Duh!

Anonymous said...

bloomturd are you paying for the extention out of your billions?? they don't need to extend that crap.

Anonymous said...

View from High Line - Hudson River
View from Elmhurst Tanks - plenty of illegal pregnant ladies ready to burst out anchor babies with strollers already in tow

Anonymous said...

great headline, just met with our councilmember the other day to ask for $50,000 for a project between community groups and with a local university involved, said CM asked if we had spoken to Quinn... we are asking YOU, OUR CM!!!! her suggestion in so many words was to go to the developers in the area, guess they assume since they give the CM tens of thousands of dollars somehow they will give our community groups some crumbs... the highline got started with bribes to Quinn from the EXec Dir and Board there, he makes over $250,000, we have money for all that too apparently... go crapper!