Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weiner: "I woulda won!"

From the NY Times:

Rep. Anthony D. Weiner wants to clear up a few things.

No, he is not kicking himself for staying out of the mayor’s race.

Yes, he thinks he could have beaten Michael R. Bloomberg.

As for the $90 million that the mayor poured into the contest? That’s nothing, Mr. Weiner said: the mayor would have needed $150 million to take him on.

“They were afraid of me,” he said of Mr. Bloomberg and his campaign aides.

Uh huh. More likely it was the other way around.


Anonymous said...

Rep W. has a point - he could have given Mayor B a real run for his money, one which would have forced tripling spending. So Anthony was smart not have to raise an uneccessary war-chest for that effort. After all Bloomberg will not be around in 4 or less years, yeah!

Anonymous said...

A born windbag....

Gary the Agnostic said...

If you woulda won you shoulda run. Now go away.

Anonymous said...

He's an arrogant, obnoxious fool, just like his mentor, Charles Schumer.

Anonymous said...

So lets take a look at our congressional delegation:

"Honest Joe" Crowley
"Callous Carolyn" Maloney
"Silver Slipper" Ackerman
"Little" Weiner

whose else did we miss?

Trixie said...

I'd prefer an Oscar Meyer weiner!

Tony's tiny cocktail frank wouldn't fill the bill.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weiner : You are a real bullshit artist !

Taxpayer said...

Yeah. You frightened the Commissar so much that you quit.

That really showed him a thing or two.

Is that how you handled the schoolyard bullies who beat the lunch money out of you every day? Put their money in an envelope, toss it to the bully and run?

If you wouldn't even stand up for your own ambitions, you would never stand up for the folks stupid enough to vote for you. You just demonstrated this with your approach to the health care bill. You keep your insurance. You penalize all who want to keep their own.

georgetheatheist said...

Trixie, I missed you. How was your stay in the Big House? What do you think of the Crapper's new design?

slick said...

just lost all remaining respect for him.

really let me down.

Back in the Hood said...


Anonymous said...

what a weiner

Sour Kraut said...

"what a weiner"

Hot dog! I mustered enough courage to add that you are on a roll.

Would you like fries with that?

Anonymous said...

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. Not that he would have been anything special in the office, but now we are stuck with four more years of Bloomdouche. Thanks for nothing dick.

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's Trixie and why was she in the big house?

Klink said...

Never mind. Alice, you're the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Whiner!

Anonymous said...

He truly is a pos.

Anonymous said...

Doink! I coulda had a V8!

Trixie said...

I've served...make that serviced...2 mayors from Koch to Bloomberg.

Giuliani's schvance?
I couldn't even find it...but I tried.

Give me nice Jewish boys any day and we'll do the circumcision tango!

Oh I forgot...the big house.
Well Chrissy Quinn came onto me but I spurned her.

Scoop...before I could even catch my breath...I was tossed into a cell!

But now I'm ready.

Fughettaboutit Ms. Parvizi!

georgetheatheist said...

Giuliani's "schvance"? Kiddo, you must be in a trance.

"Schwantz" is what you wantz.

(Take that Ogden Nash!)