Thursday, November 12, 2009

High school kids fed up with overcrowding

From the Daily News:

About 150 students protested against the extreme overcrowding at Francis Lewis High School on Friday by holding homemade signs in the chilly air and chanting. Then they went inside, and the next group of about 100 eager student demonstrators emerged.

"We want to persuade the school to limit the number of incoming freshman each year," said senior Abdul Qureshi, 17, of Fresh Meadows. "The school's overcrowded and a lot of kids don't get personal attention."

The protests were inspired by discussions in an advanced placement government class two weeks ago about student protests and free speech. The school protests were organized by senior Saudi Garcia, 17, of Flushing.

More than 4,500 students attend the school. It was originally built to house less than half that number, but thanks to its strong academic reputation, the school has grown. Classrooms have been split and trailers have been added to accommodate the overflow.

The school day is broken down into 13 periods. Some students don't start classes until after 10:30 a.m. - 45 minutes after others have begun their lunch hour.

Students also complain it's hard to get to class on time because the hallways are so crowded.


Anonymous said...

Why does this have to be the only good school in the area?

citationneeded said...

Ahh, FLHS, my alma mater. They can only do so much because of the rampant address lying that occurs. Everybody has a friend of a friend or a church member or somebody who can dredge up a utility bill and your done. Oh, and I was also in the AP government class while I was there, and if that same windbag teacher is teaching it, that explains a lot as well. She never actually taught government...

Its a Zoning Issue Stupid said...

The problem is when they do rezoning, the pols dont talk about people and infrastruture, the city doesnt not talk about people and infrastructure.

Schools? Hospitals? Power Plants? Public Transporation? Sewers? (Dont worry, we will take care of that later)

But they do say is

there is nothing you can do to stop development,

you need to respect the wishes of those who want to sell out and move or want to expand their house (read illegal conversion)

and if you protest, we will adjust the height on YOUR BLOCK

(and later developers can do what they want anyways to your block because DOB will not enforce the zoning and if you protest, the developer will get a spot variance anyways.)

Zoing in Queens is a bit like playing a parlor game with 6 year olds. You always win against the clueless.

Neutral Gear said...

Ahh, I use to go to FLHS and graduated few years ago. It was very crowded then. Some students had class until 5 p.m. I could only wonder how it is now.

Taxpayer said...

How odd that this "student protest" occurs after the election.

Could it be that the UFT didn't want to embarrass the Commissar BEFORE the election.

Hey, UFT, can you smell the Commissar's balls while you are in his pocket?

They are too tiny to stink?

linda said...

wait a mintue this school was on the news showing even though being overcrowded, it still works! bloombturd made sure nothing occured before the election. all schools are overcrowded, maybe we should stop baby footing the problem, we need to stop allowing people to come here and live! close the damn borders already.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey kids, you're getting a "free" education.

So shaddup you feis!

Steve Behar said...

I'm so proud of those kids!

Yes, this city needs more schools. Northeast Queens needs at least one more high school. College Point doesn't even have a public junior high school!

This problem is being made increasingly worse by the over-development in Northeast Queens. Our area does not have the infrastructure to handle this over-development. Our sewers can't handle it, we don't have enough parking, our street are congested with traffic and OUR SCHOOLS ARE OVERCROWDED BECAUSE OF IT!

EG said...

This school was at more than double capacity when I graduated in 1998. I can only imagine how much worse it is with another 800 kids in it.

italian girl said...

And NOTHING will change until the PARENTS march down to City Hall by the THOUSANDS and DEMAND more schools being built.

The CITY caused the mess by encouraging massive overdevelopment and now the CITY should fix it. The students protesting is good start, but the parents should pick up where they leave off.

That's why the DOE gets away with what they do. Parents don't complain. Not in the numbers that they should. This cerap would never happen in Long Island.

Klink said...

Something so obvious as over development, yet we, as a community, still elect the party members who by design see fit to keep their constituents in such malaise. Shame on the narcissists.

Anonymous said...

These kids did more than sit around and complain among themselves. Their protest may not bring any results but good for them for doing something.

Anonymous said...

Steve you don't know what you are talking about.

If you want to see pathology, go to western Queens and look at their planning.

They have it all: lack of services to overcrowding to represensible hacks masquerading as politicans to mind numbing civics to community boards that seem to bring back flashbacks of the Wizard in Oz.

A good question what is worse - the buildings or the builders.

One thing is certain. You may smirk, but we all have to pay.

Steve Behar said...

Dear "Anonymous",

I'm not sure what you mean when you say I don't know what I'm talking about. I live in Bayside and went to school from 1st grade to 12th grade in Bayside. We have the same schools as when I went to school but many more residents living in the same area. We have had decades of new development including the destruction of single family homes to build McMansions and Multi-Family dwellings.

It seems like simple math, if you add more people but don't add more schools you'll get overcrowding.

Western Queens certainly has its issues...but I live in Northeast Queens and I see what's happening there.

Anonymous said...

Western Queens certainly has its issues...but I live in Northeast Queens and I see what's happening there.




General Patton said...

Western Queens certainly has its issues...but I live in Northeast Queens and I see what's happening there.
I think Steve, you hit the nail on the head as to the real problem but accidentally.

People only care about their block, their immediate community, their backyard civic. The don't care about other areas that in reality are fighting the same fight they are on.

The battle is unequal.

What happens is the city has the bigger picture.

Small pockets of resistance are always bought off, then when the countryside is won, eliminated.

Steve Behar said...

Wait a minute!!!

This post was about Francis Lewis High School which is in Northeast Queens. I never said I don't see problems in Western Queens. I have plenty of friends there and understand exactly what's going on there. I see Astoria for example...I've have been seen at the Bohemian Beer Garden on several occasions! Seeing what's happened in Western Queens scares the crap out of me. DOES ANYONE QUESTION THAT I'VE FOUGHT THE FORCES THAT HAVE WREAKED HAVOC IN WESTERN QUEENS? I HAVE CERTAINLY FOUGHT TO KEEP THOSE FORCES OUT OF NORTHEAST QUEENS!

I have not only been there fighting in Queens, I've fought against the Westside Stadium in Manhattan and against the Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn. You are right that people need to look beyond their backyard but you can't say that about me. Ask the folks at Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

I've have been seen at the Bohemian Beer Garden on several occasions!

so has my friend Stella

Stella Artois

Steve Behar said...

Why would you drink Belgium beer at a Czech beer garden? Try the Staropramen...brewed in Prague!

Taxpayer said...

Italian Girl said:
"And NOTHING will change until the PARENTS march down to City Hall by the THOUSANDS and DEMAND more schools being built."

- - -

We don't need so much as one more seat.

We need to export - deport - every illegal alien and their illiterate, non-English speaking anchors.

From that one action we will eliminate crowded schools; improve education in the schools, reduce crime, severely reduce joblessness, make politicians and developers sweat blood, and improve law and order in this city. The police will be free to handle routine problems.

If we are really lucky, the Commissar will be swept up and deported along with his illiterate servants.

Anonymous said...

If we are really lucky, the Commissar will be swept up and deported along with his illiterate servants.

ah ho, there we go again. 'lucky' 'hope' 'wish'

that got you supporters of Tony Avella far, didnt it.

you nedd massed columns grimly marching up the hill. unless you work and sweat you are all just wasting your time.

italian girl said...

Taxpayer said...
"We need to export - deport - every illegal alien and their illiterate, non-English speaking anchors."

That's great but whatever will the rich do with their large homes that need to be cleaned, landscaped and their brats babysat? They wouldn't have anyone to exploit, now would they? The truth is those in power want these illegals so they can pay very little for help.
Three things you can always count on:
1) death
2) taxes
3) rich misers

Anonymous said...

re:TAXPAYER#2, scored a knockout.

the per pupil cost, in n.y.c./d.o.e. is now $i9,000.
the d.o.e. yearly budget is $20 BILLION.
the per/special eduction pupil, cost is $65-$75,000.

the busing cost one way is $25- $35 per pupil. most likely the pupils are illegally crossing district lines,to overcrowd the schools with higher math and reading scores.
middle and junior H.S.'s have been converted to six to twelve grade buildings,with additional spec.ed.classes. many parents ,unhappy with these poor scoring 7-9th grade schools ,enrolled their child in private schools.
as long as the seat has a body,the U.F.T. and teacher get their dues/paycheck.
other "chosen", politically connected ,schools were converted to pre-K to 8th grade buildings.this insures that their community pupil stays close by ,for nine years. then they go private.!!!!!!
see:P.S.164, DIST.25 and P.S.178 DIST,26!!!!

Anonymous said...

correction: make that P.S.169,Dist 25,Bay Terrace.

Anonymous said...

so tired of the bs statment that illegals do all the baby sitting,cooking and cleaning at slave labor wages.....wake the hell up-
1.they live and work tax free
2.contribute nothing
3.taxpayers pay for their little anchors birth,formula,pampers,health care,WIC,foodstamps,free breakfast/lunch,schooling etc # 1 again

and how did America ever survive and thrive prior to the arrival of these hardworking,long suffering illegal aliens arrival ?

as for this schools students protest ? LOL.
Opportunities also exist (gaaaasp ! ) in your own local high schools for excellent teachers and advanced placement,honors,etc-however,be prepared for triple sessions that have been in existence for more than 40 years.

Silly Bus said...

I like reading articles and leaving comments of how I feel, Good job.

Anonymous said...

time to pack up and go. halloran's in and hell be bloomburgs bitch

Anonymous said...

Feeding up is the problem. If they were fed less, they wouldn't be so corwded.