Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Real estate agents watch landlord assault tenants

From "Ann-Marie" via Miss Heather:

Yesterday my mother and I were assaulted by our landlord in the building’s hallway. Three real estate agents working for the Corcoran Group were there. While I would not expect them to risk physical injury I would expect them to call the police or try to calm the people involved.

They did nothing. Just stood and watched what unfolded. One of the agents laughed at what was happening. Even after the police arrived the agents still lingered in the hallway watching “the show”. I find them despicable as human beings and wonder if the Corcoran Group with its steller marketing ads would want something like this publicized.

I had called 911. The police took down all necessary information. My mother and I have each filed a complaint and will seek an order of protection through criminal court.

As the landlord was leaving he verbally tripled our rent and said he is going to get us out – by which he will probably file for eviction. We have contacted various agencies for help. Since we live in a “private” house and are not in a rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment not one agency seems to have our situation under their jurisdiction.

Unfortunately I am unemployed right now and lost what little savings I accumulated in the recent stock market crash. So while I would logically look for another apartment or to find a “rent to own” a townhouse (in another state – on my salary and my mother’s SSI we cannot afford New York) my hands are tied. I only ask everyone to pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Monserrate can help?

Anonymous said...

even if you are not in a rent stabilized/regulated apt., he cant just triple your rent and evict you. you are un employed and your mom is elderly. the city will let you stay for at least 6 months, then extend it if you go to court again. that fight with the landlord and the cochren group agents just sitting there laughing is sad. leave a paper trail and good luck

CntrySigns said...

Not sure what neighborhood you're in but
The Greater Ridgewood Restoration Corporation, has Tenant/Landlord Counseling for disputes, Every Thursday at Community Board 5 located at 61-23 myrtle avenue, just east of Fresh Pond road

Anonymous said...

Hate to side with landlords and feel bad for your situation, but I believe there are two sides, and you obviously really pissed him off. I really don't buy the whole, I lost my money in the stock market crash and your obviously pushing for sympathy. Either way you have rights, and you simply need to exercise them.

3 jerks doing nothing when seeing an incident is nothing new, I see the police do it on the train all the time.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit one-sided.

What did you do to provoke this? Are you current in your rent payments? Are you abiding by the lease terms? Willing to bet money that there is another less favorable side of this story. Count on QC to pass off such one sided drivle as news and then deride the NYT and other papers for not having any journalistic integrity.

Auntie Invasion said...

I would go to housing court ASAP, put in an HP (housing preservation) action. You can do this for free with poor person's waiver of the court fees since you are unemployed & your mother is on SSI. If you get any flack in the clerk's office, scream for the supervisor. Under the new law, Local Law 7, you can request and get an order of protection in Housing Court. Plus have everything fixed, new paint job, etc. I would be calling 311 with complaints every single day to DOB, HPD & DEP and keeping a log to take to court with me.

I would scream Elder Abuse and contact a local senior center for help w/ that.

I would check the building's C of O, most likely that is defective which means it is not up to date.
look on the DOB website for details. This is EXTREMELY important btw.

I would also be careful about who I go to for help as some of these are slumlord shills, anti tenant people such as the 2 anonymous posters below your post. For all we know that are landlords/real estate agents. They are bottom feeders who are out to make money.

Slumlords do this stuff on purpose to force you out and make your life miserable. That way they can raise the rent when the next victim comes along who merely needs a place to live.
Another thing that I would do is not pay rent until the harassment has ceased. Put the money in "escrow" which means aside until the case is decided. If slummie is going to take you to court, make it worth your while. Then once in court ask for rent abatements, making it difficult for slummie to get anything. He has breached the warrant of habitability and interfered with your peaceable enjoyment of the premises. and so have his three agents, the real estate low lives who can't get work at the dog food factory anymore who were intimidating you and your elderly mother.

another suggestion put in a claim w/ the DHCR for harassment.
good luck.

Thank Bloomberg for these conditions and what slummie did to you & your mother.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Invasion - to set the record straight, I am not a landlord or involved in real estate. I never plan to be because of the tenant abuse stories I've witnessed and because of live for free advocates like you. In fact, I simply did not side with anyone and said there are always two sides. Infact I was pretty clear in saying that we all have rights.

Anonymous said...

slumlords/private house-- and three Corcoran agents --- doesn't make sense-- Corcoran usually only involved with high-end properties

Queens Crapper said...

You mean high end like this?

Anonymous said...

Corcoran Group in this property? I guess the agents are in training or sent to the boondocks to eventually quit. The tenent does not make any sense in this story and there is the question of if she has paid rent or not.

Anonymous said...

The tenant does not make any sense? No, what does not make any sense is the landlord who keeps writing books on Miss Heather's post and claiming that a blog should do investigative work before submitting content to the web. Now the same dude is coming here and posting drivel.

Maybe you should go "self-fist yourself" Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this while trying to find some information on tenants rights in N.S.W, re landlords, Sydney, Australia.
I too am suffering landlord and real estate abuse. This is despite me living in the house for over 30 something years, always paid my rent and looked after the property well.
They too are breaking the law. No other person renting out a house in Australia can legally do that, so why can the Australian Government ?
Good on you for posting your situation. Best of luck with your outcome, the world needs more ppl like you !

Anonymous said...

Is it the responsibility of the landlord to inform you that there is drugs or it's a smoking building before you move in especially if you have a 17 month old baby?

Anonymous said...

My landlord assaulted me and I called 911 right away and when they showed up all they cared about was the landlord and didn't do nothing other then to tell me to pay the rent. How is it possible for a landlord to get away with assaulting someone for giving them a letter from a doctor explaining about health issues in a baby?