Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quinn singing a new tune

From the NY Times:

While it has broad power to pass the city budget, enact legislation and oversee city agencies, critics say the Council has been accommodating to Mr. Bloomberg, even pliant. It drew scorn in many quarters just over a year ago when it voted to change the law so that the mayor — and most Council members — could seek third consecutive terms.

“There’s going to be more racial and ideological diversity on the City Council,” said the Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, who shepherded the term limits change, which passed on a 29-to-22 vote. “I remain frustrated that so many Council votes are 48 to 3, or 50 to 1. If we’re all in agreement that frequently, are we really challenging ourselves on the issues?”

Maybe if a certain someone stopped threatening to take money away from their districts, they'd stand up to you more.


Anonymous said...

she is such a stupid bitch.

"oh, wait a minute the winds of change are blowing, so now I want everyone to vote against me in the council"

what a complete utter piece of crap.

what a disgusting animal she is.

what a complete piece of garbage.

Anonymous said...

and what a typical piece of shit she is to make fun of the council members for voting with her, per her request.

but you know waht ?

all those phonies like vallone jr. and the rest of that herd of geese deserve her.

she has shit on them for four years and they just sit there with their mouths open wide and swallow it and say "give me some more"

I. M. Kidding said...

Quimm looks so good in that photo that I want to do her.

Anonymous said...

The level of intelligence of a Council member is so low that Quinn could spit in their face in the NY Times and they just sit there and swallow it.

Amazing how stupid that herd of cows are. Vallone Jr., Rechia, Comrie, Gennaro, all of them.

Astro Naut said...

Her skin reminds me of something. Hmmm... Oh yeah, the surface of the moon!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Vallone Jr. knows that she sits in her office and makes fun of his father all day. Toupe jokes and everything.

I dated her press secretary who told me that Quinn used to make a joke to everyone that came to her office and sat on her couch by saying:

"Be careful, you may find one of Peter Vallone's toupes under the pillows."

Peter Vallone Jr., with his silly police fetish, doesnt have the balls to even stand up for his father's honor.

He just takes the abuse for a few member items and some extra staff allocations.

The old man was a decent guy (and a great boss) and his own son sits around while Quinn mocks him. He should ask the staff in her office.

EVERYONE knows about those jokes and none of the old timers find it funny. But what are they going to do ? If the son doesnt even defend his father honor. But he sure looks tough posing for photos with Ray Kelly.

In the old world, the oldest son actually protected the family honor, not sold it for a few pieces of gold.

Anonymous said...

I work at the New York City Council and one or two of the old secretaries are still around. The stories they tell about Quinn and the Vallone jokes are amazing and really, really mean. And then she starts with that loud laugh. I have heard that some of the girls, who really loved Mr. Vallone, like a lot of us did, cry sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I am from Astoria. Born and raised. I cant believe this baloney that Pete would be aware of this lady attacking Mr. P and he would just take it in the ass. Not believable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have heard the same stuff. I hang out with one of her top aides. Shame on her.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is a pig. Remember, she backed Thompson in the election. I'm sure Mayor Mike is not happy. Dump this bitch as Council Leader. It's time for a change. Take away her power and watch her crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

Someone at the Council told me about these postings. Its all true. I have heard it with my own ears. She calls Mr. Vallone names all the time. She calls Peter Jr. and Peter Sr. "Dumb and Dumber." She says that she hopes the Comptroller doesnt do an audit and find out all the toupes the Council paid for Mr. Vallone. She even makes Tina jokes. Regularly. Quinn is an asshole. She made a point of getting rid of anyone close to the Vallones from being in her area where her office is. All the old secretaries got moved cause they wer loyal to Speaker Vallone. The only true Speaker. I dont know why Pete takes her shit when she makes fun of his father. And the stuff that the gay staff says about the Vallones is even worse. But Pete falls for her fake smile and he goes along with this radical lesbian taking a shit on his father. Very upsetting to those who gave servcie to the Vallone family, to see her denigrate them all day long. I thought that pete would defend his familys honor, but I havent seen or heard anything.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for Peter Vallone Sr. A nicer man there never was. Peter Jr. was always a two bit punk. He used to hang out in the office all the time and no one liked him. Everyone liked Paul and Perry though. I wouldnt be surprised if Peter joins in on the jokes about his father. A real sellout. The father should kick his ass. I have heard the same story about the toupe behind the couch. I thought someone was making it up.

Anonymous said...

Her sexual orientation has nothing to do with her stupid behavior. That makes you sound ignorant. She sold out her own community too and a good portion dont care for her in the gay community.