Saturday, November 7, 2009

Joel Klein on his way out?

From the Gotham Gazette:

Following his narrow victory last night, Michael Bloomberg may make changes — Ben Smith reports in Politico that he has “already promised a major shakeup of his senior aides.”

So who’s headed out the door? David Bloomfield, an education professor at Brooklyn College, bets on Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

“Eight years seems enough for the chancellor, who has a history of short-term jobs and immediate prospects as an internationally acclaimed education consultant,’” Bloomfield writes. “Also, believe the rumor that Bloomberg traded the chancellor’s head for the legislature’s renewal of mayoral control and that a new chancellor will help Bloomberg counter charges of third-term lethargy.

Bloomfield sets out some possible successors, including former Chicago and Philadelphia superintendent Paul Vallas, and Christopher Cerf, who had a top post at Tweed before going to the Bloomberg campaign.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. During the campaign, Bloomtard said he would keep Klein and now he is disposable? Education was one of the major issues stressed by the mayor's campaign ads. Klein even promoted Bloomtard's agenda:

Isn't it nice to know who your friends are? One last thought, does that mean that the mayor lied to us in order to keep his job? Say it isn't so.

Ms. Ponzi said...

"An internationally acclaimed education consultant"??? WTF? Maybe he's an internationally acclaimed education destroyer. This designation would be laughable if it weren't such a pathetic lie. Klein is an educational loser and has no qualifications to be an educator on any level. He's a failed federal prosecutor and a heartless, unethical boss. He's has zero knowledge or leadership. Everything is about the numbers and DATA that follows the kids, not the education of the kids themselves. Get rid of him any way we can, but who will be the next chancellor? Eva Moskowitz?

Anonymous said...

"Get rid of him any way we can, but who will be the next chancellor? Eva Moskowitz?"

I think Bloomtard was thinking Bozo the Clown.

italian girl said...

Ms Ponzi hit the nail on the head.

God is he ugly.

italian girl said...

Crappy, in the future, could you please not put photos of that turd along with the articles on the schools? It's too upsetting. And revolting.

Anonymous said...

Notice you never see joe klien or john corzine in the same place?

Anonymous said...

How can you be an accomplished and acclaimed educational expert if you cant get the New York City education system and the right path? Acclaimed by who? Himself?

Does'nt work for me!

Anonymous said...

One more thing for the poor kids in school--NO MORE BAKE SALES!---new reg. announced after election!!