Monday, November 16, 2009

A little asbestos never hurt anyone

At 30-88 36th Street asbestos was being removed with out proper protection or asbestos abatement permit. The DEP approved the demolition of 30-88 as a NON ASBESTOS job. (Please see attachment). How could this happen? The asbestos at 30-88 was seen blowing from the rafters. Children, residents and workers were exposed. November 6th a number of Norwood residents called 311 and filed a complaint with the DEP. Nov 7th an asbestos sign was finally posted. To date, no fines are on file with the DEP. Asbestos removal continued Friday night, Nov 7th and through the weekend.

Hey, on top of that, guess what's replacing this one-family house?

8 units of crap!

Ah, screw electricity, schools and sewers. A Manhasset developer needs to milk Astoria. And that's what it's there for, right?


Anonymous said...

"Rezoning does not stop development"

Peter Vallone

Yup, the newest member of the ranks of the preservation community.

We are winning the fight boys and girls, yes yes yes indeed!

Anonymous said...

I am manufacturing a special order of asbestos-fabric blindfolds. May I be the first to offer them to DOB and HPD to supplement their Benjamin blindfolds for those extra special inspections.