Monday, November 16, 2009

Citifield function shitstorm

From the Nation:

Controversy is growing over a November 21st fundraiser at the New York Mets' new stadium Citi Field for the Brooklyn-based Israeli settlement group the Hebron Fund. Settlement supporters have called for letters praising the Mets for standing with the Hebron Fund, while justice and human rights groups issued an alert demanding cancellation of the dinner.

This video from Adalah-NY, opposing the dinner, shows why the protests are growing so feverish.

The Mets have responded by saying that "Citi Field hosts a wide range of events that reflect the diversity of our hometown and the differing views and opinions of New Yorkers," and noting that "the beliefs of organizations holding events at Citi Field do not necessarily reflect those of the New York Mets."

Abed Ayoub from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) countered: "Tolerance for diverse beliefs should not include facilitating events for groups that break laws, and support racism and violence. Surely the Mets would not do business with white supremacists or anti-immigrant vigilantes. The Mets should follow those same standards in dealing with the Hebron Fund, and cancel this event."


Anonymous said...

Ever since 1948 the Palestinian government buildings have been stolen and taken as Israeli institutions. The massacre at Deir yassin against Palestinians at that time was without warning and the Palestinians were unarmed. There is hundreds of videos on You tube of new settlers attacking Arab farmers working on their olive, date, and orange groves and burning their farmland.

Israel has no intention of stopping the slow ethnic cleansing and taking of land with a two state "solution". There was a Palestinian state before.
Zionism is a supremicist ideology. Its worse than the British and European aparthied of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

The Wilpon family is Jewish and can do what ever it wants in your stadium. I don't see any Arab owners there which I guess would sponsor Hezbollah or Abbas, no?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha take that you gentiles.

Salvatore said...


"Anonymous said...
Ever since 1948 the Palestinian government..."

I am delighted that some1 who reads this blog knows in detail the horrendous realities of Palestinians living under zionist (fascist) occupation.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Before the comments erupt into a full-blown Mid-East debate, did it ever occur to The Crapper to post the Hebron Fund's video, for the sake of fairness?

Did it also occur to The Crapper that protesters who compare Jewish settlers to white supremacists aren't even aware that they're discrediting themselves with such inflammatory language?

Oh, and if you'd like to get into a political debate, Abraham purchased Hebron and is buried there with his wife.

Queens Crapper said...

I just posted this because I saw it was on another blog and it related to Citifield which is in Queens. I don't give a shit about Middle Eastern politics and I can't stand it when there is a litmus test for politicians regarding how strongly they support Israel. The only country I am concerned about them supporting is my own.

Have a nice night.

georgetheatheist said...

I second the Crapster.

The true Holy Land is in Virginia where the Greater Patriarchs are buried: Washington in the Tidewater. Jefferson and Madison in the Shenandoah.

Arabs and Jews. You can stick it to Abraham.

linda said...

let's get real here.. we could never go to the middle east and do this, so they should not be allowed to come here on american soil and do what ever the fxxk they want. it's disgusting and for this to go away is telling citicorp to cancel the event....... or you won't do business with them, oh wait they would lose all your money! wow solution.