Friday, November 13, 2009

Know your enemy

From the NY Post:

Mayor Bloomberg is considering the steepest one-lump budget cut since the post-Sept. 11 economic crisis, The Post has learned.

Faced with a $5 billion projected deficit next year, mayoral aides are discussing how to achieve savings of about 10 percent in the $66 billion budget for fiscal 2011, sources told The Post.

Later this month, Bloomberg is scheduled to unveil the latest modification to this year's budget.

At about that time, he's also expected to release a letter from Budget Director Mark Page directing commissioners to produce options for a double-digit cut -- which would be the most ever requested in a single lump since 2002.

Bloomberg aides stressed that a decision hasn't been made on the exact figure.

Photo from New York Shitty:

Appropriately enough, it is on a rotting fence gracing a derelict construction site slated to be a high rise: Bloomblight.

May your four years as a lame duck (and a highly unpopular one at that) be interesting ones. I hope it was worth it. I look forward to documenting them. Your purported “achievements” are a gold crown in a mouthful of decaying teeth. I should know; I live in one of the abscesses.

Miss Heather


Adolf Bloomhitler said...

May your four years as a lame duck (and a highly unpopular one at that) be interesting ones.

Mizz Heather---doez zat mean you do not luff me anymore? :-(

Anonymous said...

And now Der Bloomberg will have "commie-China" John Liu as his crafty comptroller to help him Gucci-facci the city's books so Mike comes out smelling less like shit!

Or maybe Liu & Bloomberg are arranging to sell NYC's debt to China!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Liu & Bloomberg are arranging to sell NYC's debt to China!

B I N G O ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a connection to the Schenkler/Ackerman newspaper and all of the Asian sex ads? Or Shulman and her Asian real estate development buddies. We gotta look for the money conduits that the mayor and the comptroller are setting up. I'm just sayin'---

I don't understand how they can get away with stuff like that. I think we have more "enemies" than we realize. Bloomie is just the tip of the iceberg. Where is the FBI when you need 'em?

Anonymous said...

John Liu is Taiwanese. Not a "commie," but still a crook.

Anonymous said...

I know he's Taiwanese...
but John Liu sided with the boisterous, mainland China supported anti Faulin gong group in downtown Flushing that was beating up on peaceful Faulin Gong demonstrators.

That makes him a communist sympathizer.

They even called him the "Chinese connection"!

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap, I admire your posts but I am very disappointed with people. I volunteered for Thompson and for Fed Up New Yorkers. I tried my best but people apathy really fucks us all. More people woke up in the morning and skipped worked/school for the Yankee Parade and yet couldn't vote. Now I am stuck with this horrible billionaire who has no compassion. I am only hoping now that Bloomberg gets Bone Cancer.

Anonymous said...

Why not.Bush sold debt to China also.

Anonymous said...

"Bush sold debt to China also."

What a coincidence. Schenkler sells Chinese bush. Right hAckerman & Nussy?