Friday, November 13, 2009

Electeds push for park at St. Saviour's site

From the Daily News:

Spurred by problems at the former St. Saviour's Church property in Maspeth, local leaders have stepped up efforts to turn the site into parkland.

They just have to get the owner to agree.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall said on Tuesday she and City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley are trying to get a grant from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund to purchase the 1.5-acre property at 57th Road and 58th St.

Neighbors said they hope the site will be turned into much-needed parkland.

"There's really not much around here," said Tom Vitale, who lives across the street. "Everyone really wants a park."

Activists said the owner is open to the idea. But Maspeth Development declined comment on Tuesday.

City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe has also said he would like to see a park there - if elected officials can come up with the funds.

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Anonymous said...

That's positive news. Although I don't understand why the owner wouldn't comment and say he'd be happy to entertain an offer if he's had the property listed for sale for so long.

"V" said...

Make a comment...that's the least the SOB owner can do since he violated that historic site for so long!

I don't trust Helen Marshal much more than I'd trust the goniff owner.

And what's hidden up Crowley's sleeve for that matter?

Keep a very watchful eye on this bunch!

Anonymous said...

What took them so long? In her two terms, Helen Marshall couldn't even restore the crumbling nude statue outside Borough Hall, so why should we trust her to restore the St. Saviour's site?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't this happen before they cut down all the beautiful 100 year old trees? It's too little too late.

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable what this neighbor hood has experienced for this site. The city should step up to the plate and buy this site.

After all - if the city buys an non-functioning el and spends oddles of money to build what is called the highline park to serve rich trendy folks who have nothing to do - then St. Saviour is a no brainer!!!