Monday, November 2, 2009

Does Chou hate Koo for befriending a Jew?

From City Hall News:

Isaac Sasson, a Sephardic Jewish leader who placed a close third in the primary, has crossed party lines and endorsed Koo. In part, the decision appears motivated by events during the primary.

Last spring, Chou sparked controversy when her campaign stated in a Chinese language newspaper that, according to one translation, “voting for Peter Koo in the General Election instead of voting in [the] Democratic Primary Election is equivalent to indirectly giving the throne to the Jews,” appearing to allude to Sasson.

Chou’s campaign manager, Michael Olmeda, attributed the divisive sound of the statement to translation issues between Chinese and English.

But Terence Park, an influential Democratic leader in the Korean-American community, remains unconvinced. He is also supporting Koo.

“I’m a diehard Democrat and I will be for the rest of my life. But this race is between a competent candidate versus an incompetent candidate,” Park said. “Yen Chou is not seen in the community as a good woman—and that is spreading around the Chinese community like wildfire.”


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Michael Seis or Evan & Parkside going after Yen Chou for being anti-Semetic instead of hurling this phony charge at Dan Halloran?

And Toby Stavisky, obviously Jewish, is supporting Chou along with Yen's anti-Semetism.

She seems quite willing to sell out her own kind for the sake of some did at Dachau!

Toby is herself an anti-Semite!

Anonymous said...

Political rhyme time? Crappy should be writing headlines for The Post!

Anonymous said...

An anti-semite is someone who hates jews, on the contrary, it's someone who jews hate.